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Exclusive: Finance Firms Refuse To Process Donations For National Action Neo-Nazis

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Exclusive: Finance Firms Refuse To Process Donations For National Action Neo-Nazis
Hate group National Action has been left empty-handed after online finance firms refused to process donations the pro-Hitler fanatics were trying to raise. The Campaign Against Antisemitism had spoken out against the far-right organisation's online fundraising drive.

National Action, the British Neo-Nazi hate group whose activists criminally desecrated the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial in Germany earlier this year, will not be receiving a single penny of the cash they raised in a recent fundraising drive, it has emerged.  

Through its online propaganda outlets, National Action had urged its supporters to give anonymous donations to the group via the France-based fundraising platform  National Action Neo-Nazis promised their twisted followers "Every pound that is donated to NA will be used to get in the faces of the scum that control, occupy and destroy our country." Disgustingly, on its own website, National Action appears to have suggested that "tears of subhumans" would be a "priceless" benefit of donating.

Today,, a politically neutral platform mainly used to raise funds for open-source software, confirmed the Neo-Nazis would have the fundraising account they opened on the site closed down.

Charly C., the site's co-founder told me, "The Liberapay account of 'National Action' has been suspended today by order of our payment processor. It will be definitively closed soon."

For security reasons, like many other online finance platforms, 'quarantines' incoming funds for a one month period prior to paying them out to the intended recipient; returning them to the donor in the event that they cannot be paid out.

National Action appears to have only been active on for less than a month. Hence, the group is set not to receive a single penny of any money donated via the site.

Charly C. confirmed "In the end the person behind the account won't have received any money through our services, thus there is no risk of illegal use." 

The Liberapay cofounder explained"The Liberapay service is neutral, our terms have no provisions that prevent specific groups of people from using our service, we allow anyone until a law or contract requires us not to. The Liberapay organization does not associate with any views, Nazis or otherwise. However I can tell you that its members' personal views, while quite diverse, do not include anti-Semitism."

Earlier today, Mangopay, a well-known Luxembourg-based financial technology company that currently handles payment processing for,  made clear his company would not be providing its services for National Action.

"We will ask them to stop processing this donation through our solution right away", said Romain Mazeries, the General Manager of Mangopay. 

Romain Mazeries also made clear that his company's compliance department had already raised a notification prior to being contacted by the media, and that the company's legal team had already been taking action to prevent this use of its services.

Over the weekend, Stephen Silverman, Director of Investigations and Enforcement for the Campaign Against Antisemitism had urged fundraising platforms to"do the right thing voluntarily" by refusing to process the Neo-Nazi group's donations.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism has also launched a broader pushback against National Action's hate activities. Silverman stated "Hatred is being cracked down on by the authorities but hatred of Jews is being given a free pass. It is nothing short of a national scandal that neo-Nazis such as Jack Renshaw, the spokesman for National Action, have been left at liberty for so long to indoctrinate young people into supporting the group's public calls for the extermination of Jews. That is why the proscription of National Action by the Home Secretary and the prosecution of its members by the CPS must now be made a priority.”

Benjamin Raymond, a senior activist for National Action, responded only vaguely to a request for comment regarding the crackdown on his group's online fundraising. "Nice try. No cigar though. You'll see", he said in an email.

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