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Morton County Cops Claim Snowballs Are "Harassment"

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Sara T'RulaNorth Dakota, USA
Morton County Cops Claim Snowballs Are "Harassment"
Despite themselves regularly using chemical weapons, water torture, rubber bullets, attack dogs, deafening audio weapons, and other military-level violent tactics, Morton County Sheriff's Department decry Standing Rock Water Protectors allegedly using snowballs & bad words against their officers...

Since the Morton County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page was mysteriously removed (it is still unclear whether this action was taken by the Department itself or by hackers), the Department has moved its propaganda efforts to YouTube. I refer to it precisely as propaganda because, as will rapidly become clear, the claims made by the Department on YouTube are little more than a ridiculously inept attempt to spin the narrative to engender sympathy for their officers and the terrible harassment they have had to face. 

All videos begin with a heading that reads “Know the TRUTH” in a style that is reminiscent of Brasseye but with lower production values:

The latest video, published 1st December 2016, is titled, “Know the Truth Morton Co. – Protestors Harass Female Officers.” It is 1 minute and 28 seconds long (most videos on the account are between 1-3 minutes in length), and features an interview with two unnamed individuals wearing clothing that identifies them as Cass County Sheriff’s Office personel, who recount a harrowing experience of harassment that they allege was committed by “individuals” at the base of Turtle Hill. They claim that these individuals were trying to break the razor wire placed on this ancient burial site by law enforcement. 

I prepared myself for the worst - having previously seen law enforcement using chemical weapons, water torture, and rubber bullets, I fully expected to witness video evidence of a brutal attack upon the officers in the video. Something that might being to justify the outrageous level of violence used by law enforcement that we’ve all seen in the copious footage from previous incidents.

One Cass County officer describes the harassment they suffered as:

 “Calling us every name in the book, they started throwing snowballs at us. A lot of them said they were veterans, and that we’re, we should be ready for what’s coming. They have all their five hundred veteran buddies coming, to uh…pretty much take care of what they need to take care of.”

Her fellow officer then adds: 

“We could see them huddling down like Lindsey had said, and um and you could see that they were taking more time to make the snowballs. They, at least two of them identified themselves as veterans and what’s disappointing to me as a law enforcement officer is we have veterans that are going out and doing stuff like that. That they say that they stand for our country and stand for our flag, but yet they are going out here, they are throwing snowballs, they are cursing vulgar things at female officers . We had other veterans on the banks there, and it’s just disappointing that they’re disrespecting everything that they say that they stand for.”

The video then ends with this graphic, reading “Restraint in the Face of Protest.”

Now, let’s leave aside the fact that the narrative of “there are veterans in the camp being mean to us” has only surfaced in recent days as Morton County Sheriff’s Office realized that VeteranStandingRock has enough popular support that they may have raised $1,000,000 in donations by the time they reach Standing Rock. Let’s also leave aside the fact that the individuals described as “protestors” in the video aren’t identifiable – there is no audio in which they are heard to self-identify as such, this is merely reported to us by the Cass County officers. Additionally, they may be neither veterans nor Water Protectors – previously shared video footage suggests that false flag operations to undermine the Water Protectors are a feature of this dispute.

But let’s ignore all of that, and focus on this – Morton County felt compelled to air this testimony and title it “Protestors Harass Female Officers”, but the key forms of harassment cited are: snowballs, and using naughty language.

Yes, you heard that right – the ‘harassment’ was snowballs and naughty language. 


And naughty language. 

Let that sink in for a moment, won’t you?

The (assumed) absence of force used by law enforcement in response to this harassment is then triumphantly proclaimed as “Restraint in the Face of Protest.”

Head, meet desk.

And yet, snowballs and naughty language don’t really seem comparable to this:

Credit: Myron Dewey/Digital Smoke Signals 

Or this:

Credit: Myron Dewey/Digital Smoke Signals 

Or this:

Credit: TYT Politics/Jordan Chariton

Seriously Morton County Sheriff’s Department? Seriously? You’re going to go with, “Female officers were harassed by people throwing snowballs and using naughty language” as a way to deflect from your repeated authorization of water torture, attack dogs, chemical weapons, deafening audio weapons, and rubber bullets?!?

Snowballs and naughty language are the “protest” that you show “restraint” in the face of, by using military-level violence?!?

Snowballs are why you have to dress up like Stormtroopers on a daily basis to face down peaceful groups of praying Water Protectors?!?


Head, meet desk again.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department and Cass County Sheriff’s Department propaganda efforts would be hilarious, were it not for the fact that hundreds of Water Protectors have been brutally injured by their wanton use of violence over a period of months. As it is, they should be utterly ashamed of themselves for having the audacity to make that video at all. They should be thoroughly ashamed that they managed not only to think it was a good idea in the first place, but also to film it, edit it, upload it, and then publish it without ever once stopping and saying to themselves, "Hey, do you think this maybe won't convince the people who've viewed the copious footage of us assaulting people that we really need to behave like that?" Their propaganda video thoroughly attests to the sheer incompetence of North Dakota law enforcement. But then, all the video evidence of their brutal assaults on people proved that long before they took this new approach in attempting to be the Ed Wood of police video production.

Welcome to America in 2016. It is a joke, and humane, reasonable people worldwide are tired of laughing at you. Know that truth, and start acting with some integrity for once.

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