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Your invaluable financial support will be funding a well-rounded body of work centred around documentary film making.

About The Year Ahead:

Last year was about beginnings - I joined Byline and made the transition from retired police officer and whistleblower to full time writer and analyst. But mostly it was about fresh starts in the personal sense. This year has been about vindication and transformation, leading from Alternative War to Bedsit Genius, a fresh and innovative production company.

Your invaluable financial support will be funding a well-rounded body of work, from documentary investigations to documentary features, shorts, animations and even fiction development.

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What's Gone Before:

This column is the home of one-off articles and in-depth investigations. By supporting this column, you supported crucial work such as the recent #skada and #snowman series which culminated in the book Alternative War - which is being followed up in the near future by new book, The Fall.

About Me:

Between 2004 and 2014 I served as a police officer with the Derbyshire Constabulary and Metropolitan Police Service in the United Kingdom. I retired in 2014 after giving evidence in a parliamentary inquiry.

In 2013 I acted as a whistleblower in the course of my duties, giving evidence to the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee on the manipulation of crime figures by the police. The final report of the committee said of me: “We are indebted to PC Patrick for his courage in speaking out, in fulfilment of his duty to the highest standards of public service, despite intense pressures to the contrary.” I have also acted as a freelance specialist consultant on crime data analysis with an NGO in Mexico.

I am now a freelance journalist and member of the National Union of Journalists. My primary publication platform is Byline, an independent news website based in the United Kingdom. This is a non-partisan publication which holds no editorial input or sway over my work. I am also signed up to the Impress regulations. My funding comes direct from the public and is unaffiliated to advertising of any kind.

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1 month ago

Hi, James - I got an email this morning from Byline saying that I had cancelled my pledge to your column. I just wanted to let you know that I have not cancelled my pledge and indeed am much more likely to increase it. I was worried incase there was something else going on that might have triggered the email. I have a screenshot and the original email if any use to you or Byline admin.

Rob Walker

6 months ago

James this is excellent journalism - I know you feel sometimes your work is thankless and falls on deaf ears. There are enough of us out there reading and listening, and our numbers will grow as the awful realisation dawns that those in power are determined to take us to the worst national crisis since the start of WW2. Please keep up the good work!! Glad to support your column £.

James Boyd

7 months ago

Just joined I listened, to Podcast and hopefully by sharing this others will become aware of the difficult times that may be ahead. Good up the good work!

Mike Torr

1 year ago

My Christmas Present to you, James: a monthly support payment! Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, to protect what is good in the world.

J.J. Patrick

1 year ago

Mike, you are amaxing and this could not be done without you!

Bob Sinclair

1 year ago

Thanks for your work, please keep up the Leave.EU investigation. Your evidence to parliament was very detailed and filled in a lot of holes and questions I had.


1 year ago

I may increase my support in the future, thankyou for your rees-mogg investigation.

J.J. Patrick

1 year ago

Thank you Tom. That was a short article, as opposed to a full investigation, but I will probably return to it in the near future. Best, James

Jane Gould

1 year ago

JP, I've increased my support because I want you to carry on the great writing. Sorry it's not more. JG

Helen Caton-Hughes

1 year ago

I'm supporting your work because we need committed journalists like you to explain what's going on - and not let it become the acceptable norm. Best wishes H

J.J. Patrick

1 year ago

Thanks Helen! I cannot do this without you!

J.J. Patrick

2 years ago

Thank you so much for the pledges to support this column. Best wishes, James