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Evidence Of Russian Hybrid Threat Sent To NATO, UK and EU Parliaments and FBI

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Evidence Of Russian Hybrid Threat Sent To NATO, UK and EU Parliaments and FBI
Evidence from a journalistic investigation into Russian subversion sent to worldwide authorities

Evidence gathered in the course of investigative journalism has been circulated to STRATCOM at the EU, the EU Parliament, NATO, the London Office of the FBI, the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, The "Brexit" Committee, and the House of Lords.

The lengthy document, some 70 pages, extensively covering an active Russian hybrid threat to the UK, US, and EU, was referred for urgent attention and appropriate action.

The statement of evidence is summarised as follows:

1. Russia is deliberately interfering in Western democracy through the use of disinformation, cybercrime, psychological manipulation and the collaboration of well-placed of third parties. This hybrid conflict is live.

2. This interference has decisively impacted upon the democratic process in the United Kingdom and the United States with negative effect, and has attempted to interfere in Swedish and French democratic process. The threat is continuing and extends to additional nations.

3. There is clear evidence of voter manipulation through the use of psychometric techniques, and evidence indicating data-laundering within and outside of the EMEA data protection area by state and non-state actors.

4. The current legal frameworks and responses of the UK and the US are inadequate and have contributed to the continuance of the live threat.

The evidence has been gathered in the course of journalistic investigations for Byline and was referred in full due to the gravity of the combined findings.

The relevant articles, previously published on Byline, can be accessed here:


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