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Growing Crisis: A Special Report on British Farming

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J.J. PatrickUnited Kingdom
Growing Crisis: A Special Report on British Farming
Growing Crisis is a 26 minute independent documentary on British Farming, filmed in Herefordshire in 2018, covering topics from global trade, to local employment, and the impact of a no deal Brexit.

In Growing Crisis, I explore issues impacting upon British farmers, from global markets and Brexit to local employment trends, with Martin, a Herefordshire farmer who voted to leave the EU for very different reasons to those often reflected in the news...

The audio of the film is also available on The Fall podcast.

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Janet Haney

1 year ago

It was good to watch your video, Growing Crisis, thanks very much for making it. I wonder if you have changed your mind about the farmer's justification for voting leave, however. I don't know where he gets the idea that you vote an MP into Parliament so that he or she will do what you want them to. MPs are not the personal agents of a single constituent, nor a lobby. I would have liked to have known a few specifics about what he actually wanted his MP to do, and how this MP (and the others) 'hid behind the shadow of the EU' at different points; I noted that he didn't want to be seen as trying to speak for everyone, but unless you get him to say something specific, he is left precisely there. In other words, not only is farming more complicated than a townie might think, but so too is politics. As I write this, I find that I am thinking more and more about George Eliot's book, Middlemarch. It's not news to say that things are complicated. We have a rich history and culture to draw on. What is new is that we don't seem to want to know anything about it anymore. Brexit reduces the complexity to slogans. Slogans are, etymologically, war cries.