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10.12.2017Brexit Mess: The Just "Dessert" Of A Flawed System04.12.2017Brexit Means Hate02.12.20172017 Without A Safety Net: A Year Ahead Of The Game30.11.2017Cambridge Analytica: Same Big Data, New Russia Ties29.11.2017Logical Efficiency Measures: Are We Ready For Robots?28.11.2017Stress and Instability: Debt and Risk Cast Shadow Over Bank of England Reports23.11.2017A Final Battle?22.11.2017Hybrid Threats, Russia, And An Attack On The West15.11.2017Brexit: The Russian Job13.11.2017We need to talk about identifying trolls....12.11.2017We need to talk about Patriots….11.11.2017Brexit, Trump, Russia: The Whole Story11.11.2017#LoveBomb Part 6 - A Special Investigation10.11.2017We need to talk about Social Media….07.11.2017We need to talk about Russian money….06.11.2017We Need To Talk About Nigel...05.11.2017Before Paradise: The Tangled Web of Brexit, Trump, and Russia01.11.2017Arron Banks Facing Brexit Funding Investigation30.10.2017The Manafort Indictment30.10.2017Exposed By Bots: How Trump And Brexit Work As One26.10.2017Twitter and RT: Another Reason To Question More26.10.2017Playing With Uranium: The Key To Trump's Bots and Propaganda25.10.2017Don't Use A Pencil: The Key to Brexit's Bots23.10.2017Julian Assange: The Key To Russia's Disinformation Machine21.10.2017Crime and Lies: How Trump and the Right-wing Media Are Deceiving The Public19.10.2017Qatar: Cambridge Analytica And Trump Working In Russia's Interests19.10.2017White Word Power: How Buzzfeed Is Normalising White Supremacy18.10.2017Inside Moggmentum: UKIP On Fire18.10.2017GCHQ: The State-Sanctioned Big Data Giveaway17.10.2017LoveBomb Part 5 - A Special Investigation16.10.2017LoveBomb Part 4 - A Special Investigation13.10.2017Opinion: World Kamikaze Championships11.10.2017#LoveBomb Part 3 - A Special Investigation10.10.2017DisinfoSec: The Briefing on Disinformation and Developments09.10.2017#LoveBomb Part 2 - A Special Investigation09.10.2017#LoveBomb Part 1 - A Special Investigation08.10.2017Special Investigation: Human Malware and Digital Resistance - #LoveBomb05.10.2017US Senate Russia Probe Confirms Alternative War04.10.2017Cough Cough: We're Out With No Deal04.10.2017#WhiteWash 5 - Inside The White Radicalisation Network03.10.2017Expect Cyber Attacks And Misdirection: Russia Enhances North Korean Internet Access, 03.10.2017Opinion: Morons, Tumours, and Automatic Weapons02.10.2017EU Under Fire: The Catalan Bear Trap29.09.2017Climate change denial doubles down as EU invests for the future29.09.2017Security Union: EU steps up efforts to tackle illegal content online28.09.2017Mainstream Media Bias: Game Playing and Emotional Steering in Referenda28.09.2017Dual quality food: EU moves forward openly, Britain heads for secrecy27.09.2017Deny and Leak: Stone and Leave.EU Downplay Russia Ties27.09.2017Russia Mobilises Forces Around Suspicious Ammo Depot Explosions27.09.2017EU fines Scania €880 million for participating in trucks cartel26.09.2017Russian Linked Leave.EU Figures Targeting Elections Worldwide26.09.2017EU advances work on “fair and predictable” employment contracts25.09.2017After Germany: One month on from Alternative War25.09.2017The Army Of Elves Countering Russia's Alternative War25.09.2017Digital Economy: EU seeks fair taxation model21.09.2017#WhiteWash 4 – The Hunt For Crypto-Nazis13.09.2017#WhiteWash 3 – The German Right: Taming The Bear07.09.2017#WhiteWash 2 - Nazi Britain: Empire to Brexit06.09.2017#Whitewash 1 - The Rise of The Nazis04.09.2017Power Down: Why we all need to pull the plug30.08.2017Birling Gap Perhaps Not A Mystery13.08.2017New Investigation: Nazis, the KKK, and the Alt-right10.08.2017Extract From Alternative War07.08.2017Brexit Costs Over A Hundred Times EU Membership Per Day04.08.2017Child Soldiers: UN Concerns Continue In Philippines03.08.2017Trump, Russia, and Brexit Exposed In New Book28.07.2017Campaign re-launched for public inquiry into air pollution28.07.2017EU: €46 million to support migration management in Libya20.07.2017The Power of Information - An Apology18.07.2017Rees-Mogg: A Familiar Story17.07.2017Counting Skulls - A Special Investigation Into Mexico's Hidden Crimes13.07.2017Brexit Negotiations: The State Of Play07.07.2017FNN: The Fake News Network of Gab.ai07.07.2017Green light to landmark economic and strategic partnership for EU and Japan29.06.2017Short Film: Born British29.06.2017EU accelerates measures to prevent radicalisation and the cyber threat29.06.2017Inside Russian Cyber Espionage28.06.2017Grenfell Tower: Risks Extended Well Beyond Cladding Alone28.06.2017Russian Cyber Attack Targets Ukraine And Spreads Worldwide27.06.2017EU Tackles Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance And Terrorism Financing 23.06.2017Exposed: Conservatives In House 'Survey' Team21.06.2017Grenfell: Exploitable Flaws Found In Building Control16.06.2017North Korea Cyber Attack Claims Remain In Doubt15.06.2017EU Announces €143 Million Crisis Support For North East Nigeria14.06.2017Government Endangered Tower Block Residents14.06.2017The Underground Propaganda Machine13.06.2017Russia Deliberately Chose Confrontation With EU and US13.06.2017EU On Migration: Commission Calls On All Parties To Sustain Progress12.06.2017EU Reports UKIP Election Fraud - A Reminder12.06.2017The DUP And Brexit's Bad Boys: Even More Questions - #Snowman Series 2009.06.2017"No Doubt" Russian Interfered In US Election - #Snowman Series 1909.06.2017EU Delivers Growth-based Aviation Strategy 08.06.2017EU To Establish European Public Prosecutor's Office07.06.2017Election Special: Gaming The System05.06.2017No Russia Connections - #Snowman Series 1805.06.2017Alternative War: Beyond The Front Line - #Snowman Series 1731.05.2017Russia: Chess On The World's Board30.05.2017Dutch Government Ratifies Ukraine Agreement With EU25.05.2017EU - Commission Debates Future Of European Defence25.05.2017Leaking Submarines: Trump Risks Nuclear Boats23.05.2017Russia: Declassified And Dangerous - #Snowman Series 1622.05.2017Article 50 Negotiations Authorised by EU22.05.2017EU Calls On Members to Seize "Window Of Opportunity"22.05.2017US Intelligence Confirms Russian Government Hacking - #Snowman Series 15 19.05.2017Russian Hybrid Threat Full Statement Released19.05.2017Evidence Of Russian Hybrid Threat Sent To NATO, UK and EU Parliaments and FBI18.05.2017From Hybrid Threat To Alternative War - Snowman Series 1418.05.2017Western Countries Hold Summit On Russian Subversion - Snowman Series 1318.05.2017North Korea Cyber Attack Claims Unproven - #Snowman Series 1217.05.2017#Snowman Series 11 – The First Victory17.05.2017Infringement Proceedings Against Hungary Over Asylum Law17.05.2017#Snowman Series 10 – Truth and Spies16.05.2017#WarRoom - 16th May 201715.05.2017#WarRoom - 15th May 201715.05.2017#Snowman Series 9 – Trump And Putin: The World To Ransom12.05.2017#Snowman Series 8 – Alfa Males: Russia Ties Deepen11.05.2017Trump, Russia, Brexit? No Comment.09.05.2017Lesotho: Leave.EU’s Diamond In The Rough05.05.2017#Snowman Series 7 –The Changing Face Of Terror05.05.2017#Snowman Series 6 – The Other Snowman04.05.2017#Snowman Series 5 - Cambridge Analytica Responds To This Investigation03.05.2017#Snowman Series 4 – The Big Data Wash02.05.2017#Skada Series 7: The Snowman’s Shadow28.04.2017#Snowman Series 3 – Data Laundering: The New Chemical Warfare27.04.2017#Snowman Series 2 - Article 50: No Decision Means No Notification27.04.2017#Skada Series 6 - Life Carries On, We Are Sweden26.04.2017#Snowman Series 1 - Leave.EU Faces Inquiry Over Cambridge Analytica24.04.2017#Skada Series 5 - Fear and Loathing In Rosengård19.04.2017#Skada Series 4 – Integrating Civility And Radicalisation17.04.2017#Skada Series 3 – Crime, Implicit Bias, And The New Underclass14.04.2017#Skada Series 2 - The Crowning Moment Of The Human Race13.04.2017#Skada Series 1 - The Swedish For Damage