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13.06.2019March For Change Launches Campaign12.06.2019“MARCH FOR CHANGE” CALLS ON GRASSROOTS TO FIX BRITAIN 09.03.2019To act without casting a long shadow.27.02.2019Emojiocracy Launches Vote Predictions in the UK26.02.2019Predicting Parliament: Emojiocracy Has Landed25.02.2019The Brexit Death Spiral14.02.2019Leading Charities Call For No Deal Clarity On Insulin03.02.2019Film: Malware For Humans31.01.2019Disinformation Threat: Osprey18.12.2018Malware For Humans: Audio Companion13.12.2018A Letter To The Prime Minister22.11.2018Dark Influence Campaign Website Traced20.11.2018Cabinet Targeted In Dark Influence Campaign09.11.2018Expansion29.10.2018The Fall Podcast: Episode 6 - Power Part 226.10.2018Triptrapping: Are There Trolls Under Scotland's Bridge?24.10.2018Scotland Yard Dismisses Brexit Allegations18.10.2018The Fall Podcast: Episode 5 - Power Part 126.09.2018Brexit: The Final Furlong26.09.2018The Fall: Food, Drink, and No Deal25.09.2018Is Our Democracy Fit For Purpose? (Live)20.09.2018Growing Crisis: A Special Report on British Farming16.09.2018Malware For Humans: Film Enters Production15.09.2018The Fall: New Podcast Explores No Deal Brexit09.08.2018Labour Pains: Pregnancy Website Fined For Data Used By Labour Party13.07.2018Russian Intelligence Service Indicted For DNC Hack12.07.2018Blowing Smoke10.07.2018Democracy Disrupted? No, It's Dead.10.07.2018Democracy Disrupted: ICO Takes Action Against Political Campaigns29.06.2018Fascism Has Won, Get Over It28.06.2018The Death Of Truth25.06.2018Dark Trades – How Brexit And Trump Shorted Crypto21.06.2018Getting Ready Together12.06.2018Comment: The Perfect Shambles30.04.2018Brexit Breach: Labour Data Was Shared With Leave.EU And Cambridge Analytica09.04.2018The Tuesday Letter: Inside SCL05.04.2018Russian Hybrid Offensives: November Statement to Parliament23.03.2018US Grand Jury Indicts Iranians For Global University Hacks15.03.2018Russia 101: How To Lose A War13.03.2018Defriending Putin: How Britain Must Defend Against Russia08.03.2018Bear Trapping: As Troll Farms Evolve, So Must We02.03.2018“We didn't really appreciate the machinations” - Andy Wigmore: The Brexit Interview28.02.2018Cambridge Analytica CEO Gives Evidence To Fake News Inquiry16.02.2018Off Down T' Bitmine14.02.2018Inside The Wikileaks Leak13.02.2018Court Rules Julian Assange Considers Himself "Above The Normal Rules Of Law"13.02.2018Kremlin Social Network Backing Jacob Rees-Mogg12.02.2018Russia More Influential Than Leave Campaigns During Brexit10.02.2018May To Lead Britain To No Deal Nightmare09.02.2018UK Fake News Inquiry Joins Forces With US Russia Probe07.02.2018May Crime Figures Claim Fake News07.02.2018Incivil Contingencies: #1 The Dictatorship07.02.2018Assange: Latest Appeal Failed, Remains Wanted29.01.2018We All Fall Down: Dispatches From The Front Line Of A Hybrid War24.01.2018Translation As A Hybrid Weapon: A View From Ukraine15.01.2018Ireland An Obvious Target For Russian Operations10.01.2018US Senate Confirms Putin's Alternative War08.01.2018The_network: Global Trolls Were Active On Reddit During Brexit08.01.2018The Art Of Hybrid War - Calling Patrons, Supporters, and Readers04.01.2018Assange: Fake News Embodied03.01.2018Reality Check: Russia Is At War With The UK10.12.2017Brexit Mess: The Just "Dessert" Of A Flawed System04.12.2017Brexit Means Hate02.12.20172017 Without A Safety Net: A Year Ahead Of The Game30.11.2017Cambridge Analytica: Same Big Data, New Russia Ties29.11.2017Logical Efficiency Measures: Are We Ready For Robots?28.11.2017Stress and Instability: Debt and Risk Cast Shadow Over Bank of England Reports23.11.2017A Final Battle?22.11.2017Hybrid Threats, Russia, And An Attack On The West15.11.2017Brexit: The Russian Job13.11.2017We need to talk about identifying trolls....12.11.2017We need to talk about Patriots….11.11.2017Brexit, Trump, Russia: The Whole Story11.11.2017#LoveBomb Part 6 - A Special Investigation10.11.2017We need to talk about Social Media….07.11.2017We need to talk about Russian money….06.11.2017We Need To Talk About Nigel...05.11.2017Before Paradise: The Tangled Web of Brexit, Trump, and Russia01.11.2017Arron Banks Facing Brexit Funding Investigation30.10.2017The Manafort Indictment30.10.2017Exposed By Bots: How Trump And Brexit Work As One26.10.2017Twitter and RT: Another Reason To Question More26.10.2017Playing With Uranium: The Key To Trump's Bots and Propaganda25.10.2017Don't Use A Pencil: The Key to Brexit's Bots23.10.2017Julian Assange: The Key To Russia's Disinformation Machine21.10.2017Crime and Lies: How Trump and the Right-wing Media Are Deceiving The Public19.10.2017Qatar: Cambridge Analytica Group And Trump Working In Russia's Interests19.10.2017White Word Power: How Buzzfeed Is Normalising White Supremacy18.10.2017Inside Moggmentum: UKIP On Fire18.10.2017GCHQ: The State-Sanctioned Big Data Giveaway17.10.2017LoveBomb Part 5 - A Special Investigation16.10.2017LoveBomb Part 4 - A Special Investigation13.10.2017Opinion: World Kamikaze Championships11.10.2017#LoveBomb Part 3 - A Special Investigation10.10.2017DisinfoSec: The Briefing on Disinformation and Developments09.10.2017#LoveBomb Part 2 - A Special Investigation09.10.2017#LoveBomb Part 1 - A Special Investigation08.10.2017Special Investigation: Human Malware and Digital Resistance - #LoveBomb05.10.2017US Senate Russia Probe Confirms Alternative War04.10.2017Cough Cough: We're Out With No Deal04.10.2017#WhiteWash 5 - Inside The White Radicalisation Network03.10.2017Expect Cyber Attacks And Misdirection: Russia Enhances North Korean Internet Access, 03.10.2017Opinion: Morons, Tumours, and Automatic Weapons02.10.2017EU Under Fire: The Catalan Bear Trap29.09.2017Climate change denial doubles down as EU invests for the future29.09.2017Security Union: EU steps up efforts to tackle illegal content online28.09.2017Mainstream Media Bias: Game Playing and Emotional Steering in Referenda28.09.2017Dual quality food: EU moves forward openly, Britain heads for secrecy27.09.2017Deny and Leak: Stone and Leave.EU Downplay Russia Ties27.09.2017Russia Mobilises Forces Around Suspicious Ammo Depot Explosions27.09.2017EU fines Scania €880 million for participating in trucks cartel26.09.2017Russian Linked Leave.EU Figures Targeting Elections Worldwide26.09.2017EU advances work on “fair and predictable” employment contracts25.09.2017After Germany: One month on from Alternative War25.09.2017The Army Of Elves Countering Russia's Alternative War25.09.2017Digital Economy: EU seeks fair taxation model21.09.2017#WhiteWash 4 – The Hunt For Crypto-Nazis13.09.2017#WhiteWash 3 – The German Right: Taming The Bear07.09.2017#WhiteWash 2 - Nazi Britain: Empire to Brexit06.09.2017#Whitewash 1 - The Rise of The Nazis04.09.2017Power Down: Why we all need to pull the plug30.08.2017Birling Gap Perhaps Not A Mystery13.08.2017New Investigation: Nazis, the KKK, and the Alt-right10.08.2017Extract From Alternative War07.08.2017Brexit Costs Over A Hundred Times EU Membership Per Day04.08.2017Child Soldiers: UN Concerns Continue In Philippines03.08.2017Trump, Russia, and Brexit Exposed In New Book28.07.2017Campaign re-launched for public inquiry into air pollution28.07.2017EU: €46 million to support migration management in Libya20.07.2017The Power of Information - An Apology18.07.2017Rees-Mogg: A Familiar Story17.07.2017Counting Skulls - A Special Investigation Into Mexico's Hidden Crimes13.07.2017Brexit Negotiations: The State Of Play07.07.2017FNN: The Fake News Network of Gab.ai07.07.2017Green light to landmark economic and strategic partnership for EU and Japan29.06.2017Short Film: Born British29.06.2017EU accelerates measures to prevent radicalisation and the cyber threat29.06.2017Inside Russian Cyber Espionage28.06.2017Grenfell Tower: Risks Extended Well Beyond Cladding Alone28.06.2017Russian Cyber Attack Targets Ukraine And Spreads Worldwide27.06.2017EU Tackles Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance And Terrorism Financing 23.06.2017Exposed: Conservatives In House 'Survey' Team21.06.2017Grenfell: Exploitable Flaws Found In Building Control16.06.2017North Korea Cyber Attack Claims Remain In Doubt15.06.2017EU Announces €143 Million Crisis Support For North East Nigeria14.06.2017Government Endangered Tower Block Residents14.06.2017The Underground Propaganda Machine13.06.2017Russia Deliberately Chose Confrontation With EU and US13.06.2017EU On Migration: Commission Calls On All Parties To Sustain Progress12.06.2017EU Reports UKIP Election Fraud - A Reminder12.06.2017The DUP And Brexit's Bad Boys: Even More Questions - #Snowman Series 2009.06.2017"No Doubt" Russian Interfered In US Election - #Snowman Series 1909.06.2017EU Delivers Growth-based Aviation Strategy 08.06.2017EU To Establish European Public Prosecutor's Office07.06.2017Election Special: Gaming The System05.06.2017No Russia Connections - #Snowman Series 1805.06.2017Alternative War: Beyond The Front Line - #Snowman Series 1731.05.2017Russia: Chess On The World's Board30.05.2017Dutch Government Ratifies Ukraine Agreement With EU25.05.2017EU - Commission Debates Future Of European Defence25.05.2017Leaking Submarines: Trump Risks Nuclear Boats23.05.2017Russia: Declassified And Dangerous - #Snowman Series 1622.05.2017Article 50 Negotiations Authorised by EU22.05.2017EU Calls On Members to Seize "Window Of Opportunity"22.05.2017US Intelligence Confirms Russian Government Hacking - #Snowman Series 15 19.05.2017Russian Hybrid Threat Full Statement Released19.05.2017Evidence Of Russian Hybrid Threat Sent To NATO, UK and EU Parliaments and FBI18.05.2017From Hybrid Threat To Alternative War - Snowman Series 1418.05.2017Western Countries Hold Summit On Russian Subversion - Snowman Series 1318.05.2017North Korea Cyber Attack Claims Unproven - #Snowman Series 1217.05.2017#Snowman Series 11 – The First Victory17.05.2017Infringement Proceedings Against Hungary Over Asylum Law17.05.2017#Snowman Series 10 – Truth and Spies16.05.2017#WarRoom - 16th May 201715.05.2017#WarRoom - 15th May 201715.05.2017#Snowman Series 9 – Trump And Putin: The World To Ransom12.05.2017#Snowman Series 8 – Alfa Males: Russia Ties Deepen11.05.2017Trump, Russia, Brexit? No Comment.09.05.2017Lesotho: Leave.EU’s Diamond In The Rough05.05.2017#Snowman Series 7 –The Changing Face Of Terror05.05.2017#Snowman Series 6 – The Other Snowman04.05.2017#Snowman Series 5 - Cambridge Analytica Responds To This Investigation03.05.2017#Snowman Series 4 – The Big Data Wash02.05.2017#Skada Series 7: The Snowman’s Shadow28.04.2017#Snowman Series 3 – Data Laundering: The New Chemical Warfare27.04.2017#Snowman Series 2 - Article 50: No Decision Means No Notification27.04.2017#Skada Series 6 - Life Carries On, We Are Sweden26.04.2017#Snowman Series 1 - Leave.EU Faces Inquiry Over Cambridge Analytica24.04.2017#Skada Series 5 - Fear and Loathing In Rosengård19.04.2017#Skada Series 4 – Integrating Civility And Radicalisation17.04.2017#Skada Series 3 – Crime, Implicit Bias, And The New Underclass14.04.2017#Skada Series 2 - The Crowning Moment Of The Human Race13.04.2017#Skada Series 1 - The Swedish For Damage