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09.02.2020Manchester United, the Sun and that complaint to the press 'regulator' IPSO27.01.2020The Cairncross Review: it was a con21.01.2020Piers Morgan and phone hacking: what even he can’t deny01.01.2020For British Muslims, the outlook for 2020 is continuing racist abuse from the press19.11.2019Yes, there is a crisis in British journalism, and yes, journalists are in denial11.11.2019Is there a crisis in British journalism? Consider this24.10.2019Meghan and the car park: anatomy of a royal news ‘story’18.10.2019THE 10 SLY EVASIONS OF ANDREW NORFOLK15.10.2019An open letter to John Witherow, editor of the Times08.10.2019It's not about Harry's mental state; it's about papers breaking the law16.09.2019Angry about that RNLI story? Spread the word: Don't buy the Times05.08.2019IPSO's new chair – it's worse than you think02.08.2019IPSO gets a new chair – a former Tory minister26.07.2019IPSO and Andrew Norfolk: they just won't face the facts28.06.2019Scandal at the Times: another journalistic cover-up?27.06.2019The Times's response to the Unmasked report26.06.2019UNMASKED: the Andrew Norfolk report in 10 points12.02.2019The Cairncross Report: what it says and first impressions04.02.2019Phone hacking: time the police stepped in28.01.2019The Cairncross Review and the crisis in journalism10.12.2018Racism in the press: lessons of the Raheem Sterling case02.12.2018Andrew Norfolk of the Times: more bad journalism19.11.2018Facebook backs the wrong horse in UK local journalism03.11.2018Arron Banks, UK sovereignty and £163,000 in tax26.10.2018Days away: a new subsidy for our corrupt press24.10.2018The toothless puppet rolls over for its masters (again) 14.09.2018How to support 'high quality journalism'08.09.2018Full text of official summary of final judgment in 'Muslim fostering' case07.09.2018'Muslim fostering': Times journalism utterly discredited07.09.2018Boris Johnson, his marriage and me01.09.2018Sam Allardyce, the Telegraph and another IPSO failure28.08.2018If you don't want the Daily Mail and the Sun to receive public subsidies you need to say so now24.07.2018The press and Sir Cliff: they have no idea12.07.2018Theresa May did the bidding of the press, now they call her a traitor27.06.2018A dose of reality about IPSO for Matt Hancock22.05.2018Matt Hancock makes himself 'state approver' of press arbitration09.05.2018Leveson 2: they stooped very low to conquer 08.05.2018Local papers cry wolf when there is no danger06.05.2018Eight reasons why Leveson 2 must go ahead04.05.2018Leveson reforms back before Parliament01.05.2018IPSO and arbitration: don't get fooled again27.04.2018IPSO's latest season of calamities12.04.2018A warning for Grenfell Tower survivors11.04.2018How IPSO cherry-picks complaints10.04.2018Dacre and the Lawrence case: another problem with facts29.03.2018The Cairncross Review: it's about subsidising the press12.03.2018Leveson 2: the Guardian has no case09.03.2018The Daily Mail, Max Mosley and me09.03.2018The Leveson 2 decision shows just how corrupt Britain is02.03.2018The Guardian's Leveson betrayal, line by line 22.02.2018Select committee savages IPSO for failing to protect Muslims14.02.2018Freedom & the local press: a CEO’s misleading message to readers06.02.2018The PM's journalism 'review': a job for Leveson 205.02.2018Rebekah Brooks and the stink that won't go away18.01.2018A day of shame for Britain's corporate press11.01.2018Leveson: Theresa May gets her facts wrong11.01.2018The new culture secretary gets it all wrong first time10.01.2018LEVESON 2: 10 LIES TO IGNORE AND TWO QUESTIONS TO ASK03.01.2018We are one signature away from a revolution in access to justice19.12.2017Power corrupts, but Rupert Murdoch corrupts absolutely11.12.2017Trust in print journalism: it's low and that matters11.12.2017Trust, newspapers and journalists: a review of evidence09.12.2017IPSO's badge of dishonour: some alternatives06.12.2017Boris Johnson says Stop Funding Hate is working27.11.2017IPSO, Trevor Kavanagh and a licence to abuse minorities09.11.2017The Times and the Tower Hamlets foster care story: bad journalism03.11.2017'MURDERERS', myths, Macpherson and the Daily Mail26.10.2017For the corporate press, persecuting minorities is the new privacy intrusion13.10.2017KAREN BRADLEY GETS IT WRONG FIVE TIMES12.10.2017Latest court bid by corporate press to wreck Leveson ends in humiliation11.09.2017MURDOCH PAPER MAKES THE CASE FOR LEVESON 2 15.08.2017A message for Sun advertisers: please stop10.08.2017Mainstream news media have earned the distrust they complain of03.08.2017Why journalists must report other journalists' failures31.07.2017Newspapers: how near is the end?12.06.2017Election 2017: the failures of journalism09.06.2017Paul Dacre: colossus to dinosaur20.05.2017Journalists in the US are fighting the problem. In the UK they are the problem18.05.2017The Tories hand the press their Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card 05.05.2017In despair? Maybe you are right to be. But let's talk02.05.2017Three questions about the media that politicians must be asked 25.04.2017Phone hacking: don’t let them fool you, most victims were ordinary people18.04.2017The press and the election: four things we already know11.04.2017Court hands ministers access-to-justice challenge 10.04.2017Corporate press seeks to neuter the libel laws