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A Feminist Take On Anything and Everything

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Julie Bindel
A Feminist Take On Anything and Everything
Popular culture digested in the belly of feminism

In this Byline column, I will be exploring popular culture with a feminist slant. This may include music, theatre and opera, food and restaurants, film and television, travel, or social media and modern manners. Often I will be angry, but sometimes sad or full of joy. There will always be a feminist analysis thrown in the mix, because how could there not be?

This column will last for three months, so those who support it will only be committed to paying for that period. And please stay tuned, as Julie will be back with a big new Exclusive project with Byline in September!

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John Naman

10 months ago

I greatly admire and support your courage to speak up about the "current Orwellian transgender ideology", as well as hate speech and one-sided "rights".

Jonathan Hirsch

1 year ago

*Prostitution is even if a woman chooses to do so,regardless of her reasons and I do not advocate prostitution but it can be more innocuous than the media makes it out to be.Also,she makes everything a 'women are always superior' agendga and really needs to learn how to extrapolate from both sides of the coin,I can't elaborate all of that here now,and Julie Bindel is clearly no fool and does what she does for a good cause but one has to be multifaceted and be honest with the world and inform the fair truth