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31.01.2019Alternative Solutions to the Prisons Crisis: How Life Coaching Inmates Can Empower Them to Escape a Failing System30.11.2018'I would have camped outside that prison every single day', says mother of bullied teenager who hanged himself in his cell26.11.2018'If prisoners don't have human rights, none of us do'18.10.2018‘Home Secretary not fit to hold office after “secretive deal to appease Donald Trump’s lust for blood” on death penalty’, says top QC11.10.2018'It's time for a public inquiry into prisons crisis', former chief inspector tells politicians25.08.2018Chaos at Birmingham Prison revealed: "Every day was a party. But boredom leads to badness"12.08.2018'Justice Secretary must put right mess he made', says former chair of parole board sacked over John Worboys controversy25.06.2018Nearly two-thirds of short-term prisoners have drug and alcohol problems and 70% reoffend within a year, new figures show21.06.2018Health and safety watchdog forced to reveal findings of inspections into dangerous prisons25.05.2018The "unrecognised scandal" of prison suicides: 'Lots of people died needlessly where ministers were warned that would be the effect'14.05.2018Health and safety watchdog inspects dangerous prisons as staff assaults rocket to record highs27.04.2018Nick Hardwick lifts the lid on the John Worboys case: 'Justice Secretary sacked me to save his own skin'05.04.2018'Introduce presumption against "super short" prison sentences to tackle reoffending', says Shadow Justice Secretary17.01.2018'Prison officers do want to do a good job, but it’s like asking someone to build a Rolls Royce and giving them a hammer and chisel'15.12.2017Arguing for prison reform without addressing victims' concerns about crime a 'mistake', says chair of parole board13.12.2017'The way things are now in prisons reflect very badly on us as a country', says Chair of Parole Board07.11.2017'Any one of us could become a criminal given the right circumstances'24.10.2017Victims must be given greater voice in criminal justice system, urges mother of teenager killed by man on probation15.09.2017'Private companies running failing probation services must be made publicly accountable'