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Ruling Britain... Divide & Conquer.

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Ruling Britain... Divide & Conquer.
Divided Britain? It's all a strategy. How media, politicians and social media created a smoke-screen to hide the truth about Brexit, money and power.

Care to understand what is happening with UK politics?

The current narrative is “We live in a very divided Britain.” The truth is: it is all part of a strategy where media, politicians and social media combined their efforts to create a smoke-screen to cover their hidden agenda on Brexit, Windrush, immigration, money and power...


In this series of articles, we study the underlying causes and effects of Brexit on politics, money and power.


1 February 2019. “Nobody wants a No-Deal...” — Boris Johnson caught lying again.

27 January 2019. Brexiter's anti-German sentiments remain unchallenged on the BBC.

30 October 2018. Austerity has created the perfect fertile compost for populism and nationalism to flourish.

28 Sep 2018. Brexit is a religion.

11 Jun 2018. Divide and Rule Britannia.

02 Feb 2018. The Brexit Minister and the conspiracy theory.

25 Nov 2017. How British tabloid newspapers compete to call an incident a terrorist attack.

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