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A War of Words?

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Stephen Komarnyckyj
A War of Words?
A crazy literary roller coaster ride through Russia's never ending war on Ukraine as it spills over into western politics- with some beautiful poems.

In February 2014 Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yanukovych, leapt into a helicopter and fled the country, having been implicated in the murder of hundreds of Ukrainians. His departure was minor episode in a war that has lasted for three centuries and is spilling over into British politics. This column will explore how the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began and how:

- A Cold War propaganda ploy led to Anthony Beevor’s book Stalingrad being banned in Ukraine, and the manipulation of historical materials about the largest massacre of the Holocaust at Babi Yar

- A text which was manipulated to remove hostile references to Russia, being published by Penguin Classics.

- A writer dispatched to the Arctic for writing a sonnet about swans, and a whole literary generation was destroyed.

- Some Ukrainian writers today have dodged bullets in the Donbas and lived to write some great poems and novels.

- Ukrainian hackers are ripping off the masks of Russian media and politics

- Expenses paid holidays, courtesy of the “FSB” travel agency, are used to manipulate western journalists and political bottom feeders

- Animals suffer on the front line. and what happens to a beloved household pet when its owners are killed?

Plus a lot of other alarming but fascinating stuff

My column will give a voice to the writers murdered by Stalin and their heirs who are writing about Russian oppression today. Orwell said he who controls the past controls the future. We need to understand the historical roots of this war if we want to win it both for ourselves and our children.

And you will get to read some terrific writers who you’ve never heard of and help create some beautiful literature

I will launch this project on 25 March and will write as much as I can without funding… but really I need your support to be able to write regularly. Please check out my funding page and see how you can help fund my work and be rewarded with a fabulous book or two...

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Zarina Zabrisky

2 years ago

This sounds like a fascinating project. Glad to discover it and look forward to reading.

Stephen Komarnyckyj

2 years ago

Thanks Zarina I really appreciate that- I also hopefully have an article in the LARB towards the end of August...