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The Family Court and the road to hell

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Paul McMullan
The Family Court and the road to hell
A judgement that handed a small child back to his abuser, cannot be reversed the Government Ombudsman, ruled this week. It must also remain secret.

“Privacy is the space that bad people need to do bad things in,” I said at The Leveson Inquiry.

I was right then and I am right now.

The Family Court is private.

'The road to hell is paved with good intentions,' said a saint in 1150.

Today we are in hell.

The Family court was made private so the identities of the children would not be revealed. This privacy has been corrupted and exploited by adults.

It has nurtured a disturbing sub-culture of politically motivated social workers ripping families apart on little more than a whim.

The family court is not a court. There is no jury, there is no evidence and quite often only a third rate Deputy District Judge, an ageing washed up lawyer who can't get work elsewhere hungrily trousering £126,000 a year for stealing your children.

The court operates on impressions. Disgusted enraged fathers banned for years from seeing their children rarely make a good impression.

The barristers who collude with wives to fake legal aid claims - all you have to say is, 'I am in fear of violence,' even when there has been none and you get it - make a very good impression indeed. It is jobs for the boys after all.

Self representing fathers don’t stand a chance.

It's funny how the criminal and the corrupt need a barrister on their side. The innocents think they can just speak the truth and win. They won't and they don't. 

One man loved the institution, can you guess his name.

For him it furnished dozens, if not hundreds of children.

My first newspaper after training at the Newcastle Evening Chronicle was The Rhondda Leader in Wales and I met Jimmy Savile there for the first time opening a supermarket.

He made a fantastic impression on me. He was whirl of eccentric energy, getting to know everyone greeting them like long lost friends.

I gave him a fantastic write up. Here was ‘Jim ‘ll Fix It.’ In real life he was just as fantastic as he was on the telly.

“Howz about that then, guys and gals,” he said. Everyone crowded round him. He was the life and soul of the supermarket.

Just three years later he sued me.

I got a tip off that he was up to no good at Broadmoor hospital. Incredible and unbelievable as it might seem but as far back as 1992 he was desperate to cover it up and used the legal system successfully to do so.

What the hell was a TV star doing wandering around Broadmoor anyway. We learned much later he loved The Family Court. It was his favourite institution.It furnished child after child for him to secretly abuse. The secrecy meant his reign of terror went unchecked.

Children’s homes and hospitals invited him in, such a good impression did he make. And he did make a very good impression but once the lights were down and the doors were locked, his privacy secured and protected, child after terrified child fell victim. He was evil and The Family Court did his bidding.

Thanks to the collusion between social workers and The Family Court, all funded by the benefits system there are more than four million children at home without their fathers to protect them and there are more 'Jimmy Saviles' than there ever have been.

Front pages of newspapers in Poland and Roumania detail how children are ripped from their parents arms and stolen away in secrecy but we never or rarely read about it here. It happens everyday, dozens of times a day in family courts up and down Britain. In 2018 it is one of the greatest evils in our midst.

Remember The Family Court is not a court, there is no jury, there is no evidence and the judges are just a bunch of grumpy old men and women who care more about people holding them in contempt than the victims they create. It is time for the whole nation to hold them in contempt.

If a crime has been committed we have a police force, we have proper courts with proper judges and a proper jury. It is time for the secretive institution to close for good.

Once a Family Court order is made the police can no longer investigate, this is why Jimmy Savile loved it so much. It is a government sanctioned national crime spree on our children. Until these horribly damaged and abused children grow up and sometimes get so furious in their 30s or 40s and start shouting about it nothing is done, nothing can be done. It is time to save our children. It is time to close The Family Court.

If you sponsor this column for as little as £1 a month you can write to me at my personal email and I will forward your case to the Home Secretary and your local MP. If we get enough letters something, one day soon, might be done.

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