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Rebekah Uncovered: Part 3

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Paul McMullanThe M25
Rebekah Uncovered: Part 3
Milly Dowler and how Rebekah Brooks threw her staff to the wolves.

The murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler created and still creates such rage and despair in normal decent people it is an almost impossible subject to write about.

Especially if you used to work for News of the World. I am scared as I put pen to paper.

When Ricky Gervais says, “people are idiots,” they laugh. Of course we are. We used to burn witches, we voted for Tony Blair, we are destroying the planet and we closed News of the World because a journo rang Milly’s phone and listened to the messages.

I said at the time it was no big deal and easy to justify and was voted one of the most hated men in Britain, beating Simon Cowell and David Beckham for all the wrong reasons.

But the truth is important, if you don’t tell it, it will come back and bite you on the bum later. Rebekah took the cowards way out. She agreed with the mob then said it was her reporters and nothing to do with her.

If there was a time to stay strong that was it. I called her scum, she was scum then and she still is. 

If the News of the World was the Titanic, the Milly Dowler phone hack was its iceberg. Rebekah was the captain, she was responsible but did she go down with her ship. No she sailed off in a £10m lifeboat, flicking v-signs at her staff as they drowned.  

A British institution which printed it’s first copy in 1843 closed and many of my friends and colleagues were arrested. Several lost their jobs, houses, wives and children. A social worker who had never met me said this News of the World phone hacker should never be allowed to see his children again. If my ex wife hadn’t stood up and said: “but the children want to see their father,” they would have taken them away. The witch hunt was well and truly on. All the government agencies were lining up to get us, and the ‘victims’ of News of the World stings and investigations were loading up their six shooters. This messenger was to be shot to death and blasted into the past.

No one was listening. I tried to do what Rebekah should have done, tell the truth, but you know when even the lovely Holly Willoughby wrinkles up her nose, the public is going to be against you.

'She was dead, you know it didn't matter,' brought scowls of horror as though we had killed her, 'I am just saying she wasn't a victim of phone hacking as she was dead already,' didn't help. They were spoiling for a fight.