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International coverage of Scientology

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Jonny Jacobsen
International coverage of Scientology
Jonny Jacobsen has been researching and writing about Scientology since the early 1990s: his current coverage focuses on France and Belgium.

Jonny Jacobsen has been following Scientology for more than two decades.

This column will track the growing evidence of violence and abuse inside Scientology around the world with a particular emphasis on European developments.

He ran a few sample articles earlier this year and in October raised funds for his ambitious coverage of the Belgian trial of Scientology. Jonny is now looking for regular backers for his writing.

For a look at his past coverage, visit Infinite Complacencythe website he launched in 2008. He is also a regular contributor to Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker, which offers daily coverage of Scientology.

I couldn't manage a video appeal, but here's an audio message from me, summing up the story so far.

Main photo credit: Joseph Nicolia, 2008

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