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Alex Andreou
Covering Syriza and the Greek economic crisis from a Greek perspective. "There's no better writer on the subject right now than Alex Andreou" (Irvine Welsh)
Alex Andreou left a promising career - much to the chagrin of his mother - in law and market investigation, working for the competition authority to train as an actor at London's Poor School at the tender age of 38. Since then he has played, mostly, very unpleasant people on stage, including at the National Theatre, Southbank, Royal Manchester Exchange, Theatre Royal Strateford East and festivals both British and international. He has appeared in a number of films and had his directing debut with Mamet's Boston Marriage at the Pacific Playhouse. He has taught Shakespeare and directed at The Poor School.

With his "writing hat" on, he is a regular contributor to the Guardian, the New Statesman, and many other British and Greek publications and also writes for BBC Radio 4. His first book is due to be published in 2015. Alex has experienced homelessness and is a keen poverty campaigner, political commentator and advocate on migrants' rights. He has given several TED talks.
Greece, Syriza, Tsipras, Varoufakis, IMF, EU, Eurozone, Crisis, Neoliberalism