Crowdfunded Journalism
Alex Diaz Eco
The time is now for front-page stories on climate resilience, priority #1 in a world challenged by extreme weather disruption.
For 13 years, I was a business journalist (reporter and editor) at Caribbean Business newspaper in San Juan, also serving as the publishing company's communications director for another four years and as a writer, consultant, speaker and blogger during the rest of my 32-year career.

Since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, my life's driving passion and the subject of my work has been climate change and all it entails for humanity. Today, that means writing the stories no one else is covering on the imperative to prepare for and recover from the relentless wave of natural disasters already upon us and sure to worsen, given that the world will soon overshoot the anticipated 2-degree C temperature rise. Avoiding resilience, therefore, places our societies and economies at grave risk. Embracing it creates the only opportunity we have to thrive, not just survive.

Result: The Resilience Journal Column here in Byline, combined with The Resilience Journal digital magazine and YouTube channel (coming first quarter 2018), and my first book and accompanying film on the subject (publishing date: 2019), all intended to bring readers and followers around the world the vital information they need and cannot find anywhere else.
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