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Alex Varley-Winter
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Alex Varley-Winter

Investigative journalist
Alex Varley-Winter
Investigative freelance
Hi I’m Alex, I've been a journalist since 2010. I focus primarily on investigative work covering legal services, watchdogs, parliament, the police and courts.

I believe good journalism is a watchdog for democracy and I am excited by Byline's egalitarian, crowdfunded approach. The skills and experience to scrutinise judicial processes, police operations and lawmakers are dwindling fast since the rise of soundbite-led social media, so is essential that we have independent, diligent workers who dig deep below the surface and report on what is actually happening.

Allegations of eye-watering injustice most often keep me coming back to my keyboard and phone. In the seven years since training in Newspaper Journalism at Highbury College, Portsmouth, I've worked extensively for the Exaro investigative website and have written for the Times, Sunday Times, Private Eye, Law Gazette, the Telegraph, Guardian and the Mirror, as well as for regional press. If you appreciate my work on Byline, please share and consider lending your support.
Parliament, Courts, Watchdogs, Crime, Anticorruption, Justice