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Annette Gartland
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Annette Gartland

An Asia-based journalist focused on environmental and human rights issues, with a special interest in animal rights and protection.
Annette Gartland
Investigative reporter charting a sustainable way forward
I specialise in environmental and human rights issues and have my own website, Changing Times.
I am based in Southeast Asia and travel regularly to Australia.
I have been a journalist for about 40 years. I have worked for major newspapers, magazines, and radio stations in Britain and Ireland, and for Radio France International, Agence France Presse, and euronews. In addition to producing Changing Times, I work on a freelance basis for the GRNLive news agency in London.
I am currently reporting on the spread of the Zika virus, and about the threats posed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In my research about these issues, I dig deep and seek real answers.
Other issues I have begun to tackle include global deforestation, vaccination, and water fluoridation.
I also intend to write more about the mass cultivation of palm oil, the devastation caused by the construction of mega-dams, animal rights, the death penalty, ag-gag laws, and fracking.
I am also keen to explore the issues of food sovereignty and safety.
Environment, wildlife, human rights, well-being, conservation, justice, holistic, investigative, Southeast Asia, fracking, coal seam gas, mega-dams, ag-gag