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Dan Evans
Journalist covering features, investigations, foreign and domestic affairs.
Dan Evans is a former Fleet Street journalist best known for exposing industrial scale voicemail interception at Britain's biggest newspapers.

His work as an investigative reporter at the Sunday Mirror and subsequent hiring by Andy Coulson, Editor of the News of the World who went on to become British Prime Minister David Cameron's Communications Director, thrust him into the heart of a scandal that rocked the Fourth Estate, the Conservative Party and Scotland Yard.

He went on to become the sole Witness of Truth among journalists in the so-called phone hacking 'trial of the century', shining light on that most inaccessible of places - Fleet Street's own skeleton-filled closet.

In doing so Evans was, according to presiding Judge John Saunders, "unique" in describing from the inside the Wild West culture of wholesale privacy invasion endemic to many national newspapers of the 2000s.

In court, Evans told how his life changed the day his editors taught him how to intercept voicemails - and made him their in-house phone hacker with a brief to target hundreds of celebrities.

He was the first journalist to freely accept their part in the hacking scandal, serving a 10-month suspended sentence and 200 hours' community service as result.

Having cleared his own conscience, Evans embarked on a personal journey to start setting right Fleet Street's wrongs of the past.

He has since helped hundreds of victims of phone hacking win apologies and settlements from both News UK and Mirror Group Newspapers and is a supporter of the need for Leveson II.

Today, he continues to challenge corruption in power and strives to give voice to the voiceless through his work.
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