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David Boyle
I'm a historian devoted to the importance of human-scale institutions over centralised ones, human imagination over dull rationalism, and the human spirit over technocratic reduction.
I am the author of a series of books about current affairs and history, including 'Blondel’s Song' about the imprisonment of Richard the Lionheart, 'Toward the Setting Sun', about the discovery of America, and 'Eminent Corporations ' about the BBC, Barclays and other great English companies.

I have carried out an independent review for the Treasury, stood for Parliament, worked for think-tanks and written widely in the UK media.

My most recent book was 'Broke: How to Survive the Middle Class Crisis' (Fourth Estate).

I have a great interest in naval history; I wrote about the First World War in 'Unheard, Unseen: Submarine E14 and the Dardanelles' and have two best-selling Kindle Singles on the Second World War, 'Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma' and 'Operation Primrose: U110, the Bismarck and the Enigma code'.

Praise for David Boyle’s WWII work:

‘Exhilarating’ - Daily Mail
‘The tone of the book may be gloomy but there is plenty of entertainment value …’ - Anne Ashworth, The Times

‘He tells these stories, on the whole persuasively and with some startling asides.’ - New Statesman

‘A book that is engagingly sensitive to the sentiments of what is sometimes called “middle England”’ - Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times

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