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David Hencke
Investigative reporter inside Westminster.
I’m David Hencke, and I’ve been reporting from inside Westminster for over 25 years. I was Westminster correspondent for the Guardian for over 20 years, and I’m now a reporter for Exaro News and Tribune.

But I’ve never been working in here to tell you the day-to-day stories.

My Byline column is going to be focused on getting the real news of what goes on inside Westminster. Not the stories that ministers and senior politicians want to get told, but the ones they’d rather avoid us hearing about.

Over my career I’ve built up a large network of sources and I know where to look to find the best stories.

Previously, I’ve broken stories including

-The cash for questions scandal that caused the resignation of Tory ministers Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith for being paid by Mohamed Al fayed for asking Parliamentary Questions

-Peter Mandelson’s secret home loan, which forced him to resign for the first time.

-The connection between the Elm Guest House and a secret VIP paedophile ring.
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