Crowdfunded Journalism
Erik Fogg
I believe very profoundly that an incredible idea, well-communicated, can change the world forever.
Erik is the co-founder of Something to Consider with partner Nat Greene. Erik studied political science at MIT, earning a Bachelors and Masters in four years. He spent the next four years as an operations consultant, focusing on challenging assumptions and changing mindsets in business.

Erik and Nat launched Something to Consider in early 2015 with a core joint mission in mind: restore productive political dialogue in America. Erik has been blogging and writing essays on improving American democracy since he was young, but his greatest influence for launching Something to Consider was his realization that those that disagreed with him had much more to teach him than those that already agree. He believes everyone can adopt this mindset and become hungry to learn from each other in political dialogue.
direct, brief, curious, considerate, enthusiastic