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Fréderike Geerdink
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Fréderike Geerdink

Fréderike Geerdink
Independent Kurdistan correspondent, not afraid to express opinions.
Fréderike Geerdink is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience. Between 2006 and September 2015, she was a freelance Turkey correspondent. Between 2012 and 2015, she was the only foreign correspondent based in Diyarbakir, the biggest Kurdish city in Turkey’s southeast.
Her time as a correspondent came to an abrupt end when the Turkish authorities detained her while she was carrying out her work in the province of Hakkari, near the Iranian border. After a three day detention, she was expelled from Turkey and put on a plane to Amsterdam. It was not the first time her journalism got on the nerves of the Turkish state: in early 2015, she was accused of ‘making propaganda for a terrorist organisation’ and faced trial. She was acquitted.
Back in her home country the Netherlands, she soon decided to return – to Kurdistan. Since May 2016, she is working on a book about the PKK from within the organisation. Her reporting continues.
Kurdistan, PKK, identity, Turkey, Kurdish struggle, democracy, Middle-East, Iraq, Syria, Iran