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georgenturner Turner
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georgenturner Turner

georgenturner Turner
Digging the dirt on development in London. Writing the stories you won't find in the Evening Standard.
For several years I have followed how the blanket development of exclusive, luxury housing in London has been fundamentally changing the city.

Public spaces, our culture and heritage and our homes are taken from us in order to provide more land for luxury development.

Developers walk away with huge profits but the losses to the public are incalculable.

My campaigning on this issue led to me taking the Mayor of London, Shell, Canary Wharf Group, the Qatari Royal Family, the Secretary of State and Lambeth council to court over a luxury development on the South Bank in 2015.

I lost the case but along the way I uncovered a number of scandals about how developers manage to get permission from public authorities to allow them to build highly damaging developments.

Now, I am focusing on sharing what I have learned. Telling the story of our changing city. Who wins, who loses and how they get away with it.

But I'm also keen to hear from you. Become one of my supporters and discuss the pressing issues facing our cities and story ideas in my supporters cafe.
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