Crowdfunded Journalism
Joe Wilcox
The reporter who answers: "What does it mean?"
Joe Wilcox is a seasoned tech journalist of more than 20 years. He first asks about everything: "Who benefits?" The answer is essential to accurate and responsible news reporting.

He is a stickler for first-hand sourcing and producing original content. "Write what you know to be true in the moment, based on the reporting and not preconceptions", he says. "You can't do that by sourcing some blog. To know what's true, you must get your own sources".

Joe writes affirmative, and often provocative, headlines in a practice adopted from tabloids years before the first clickbaiter bastardized the practice. He writes in the present tense--he says, not he said--which also is affirmative. "You live in the present, write that way", he says.

He often produces seemingly contradictory stories about the same event or topic to present the news from different viewpoints and to encourage readers to debate them.

"The only commodity that any journalist has is trust", he asserts. "People must trust that what you write is accurate, based on your first-hand reporting. You pass on your trust in sources to your audience".

He believes that the Internet enables a closer dialogue between the reporter and his or her audience, which also participates in the reporting process and shapes its direction.
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