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Jonny Jacobsen
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Jonny Jacobsen

Jonny Jacobsen
Paris-based journalist covering French politics and culture. Special interest in Scientology.
Jonny Jacobsen has been working as a journalist for 30 years. His work has appeared in The Herald, Scotland, Scotland on Sunday and GQ magazine. He has been studying destructive, high-demand groups since the early 1990s and while he has written about other movements, his main focus is on Scientology. His research has taken him to the United States and several European countries, but is today concentrated in France, where he has lived and worked for more than 20 years.

In 2009, he launched his first website on Scientology, Infinite Complacency, with a 15-part investigation of the violence at the top of the movement and the growing resistance from former members. That story went mainstream just a few months later when The St Petersburg Times in Florida ran their own Pulitzer-nominated investigation.

Over four years in nearly 60 posts, Infinite Complacency offered unrivalled coverage of all three stages of the 2009-13 Paris fraud trial of Scientology. It ended with the country’s highest court confirming the convictions of organised fraud against the movement. In 2014, Jonny was first with the news that the European Court of Human Rights had rejected a complaint Scientology had lodged with the Strasbourg court over the convictions.

He was the only journalist to cover the 2015 Belgian trial of Scientology in Brussels in English.

Jonny Jacobsen also contributes to Tony Ortega’s U.S. website the Underground Bunker, which offers daily coverage of the movement.
Scientology, Cults, France, politics, culture