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Kirsten Han
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Kirsten Han

A Singaporean freelance journalist and writer.
Kirsten Han
A Singaporean journalist covering social justice, human rights and politics.
Kirsten Han is a Singaporean freelance journalist who often gravitates towards social justice and human rights issues wherever they may be.

As someone who volunteers and is involved in various causes in Singapore – from the campaign to abolish capital punishment to labour rights to freedom of expression – Kirsten is most interested in social movements around the world and particularly in the growth of civil society in Singapore. When she writes about politics, she doesn’t just want to look at it as a game of thrones, but rather as something that has very real consequences on people’s lives.

Kirsten’s work has been published in a range of platforms, including Al Jazeera English, the Guardian, The Daily Beast, The Diplomat, Southeast Asia Globe, Index on Censorship and Waging Nonviolence, among others.
#singapore, #politics, #democracy, #socialjustice, #humanrights, #asia