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Marianne Azizi
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Marianne Azizi

Investigative journalist on corruption of courts or impacts on whistleblowers and activists who are targeted worldwide.
Marianne Azizi
Investigative journalist and social justice campaigner. Writing stories on Unreported Israel.
My first book, Sour Milk and Stolen Honey represents thousands of people trapped in Israel by corrupt family laws.

I write on the subject of human rights abuse towards the Israeli people themselves. I represent a UN civil society called Ccf (coalition for families and children) and attend Geneva to expose on behalf of the Israeli people fighting for their human rights.

I can bring stories and articles which are censored in Israel, and need your funding to continue my work.

israel, social justice, corruption, childrens rights, censored news, justice system, welfare corruption, police state, UNCRC, Trapped in Israel, Freedom of Speech