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Mara Scampoli and Mattia Alunni Cardinali
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Mara Scampoli and Mattia Alunni Cardinali

Mara Scampoli and Mattia Alunni Cardinali
Freelance photojournalists from Italy, reporting reality from a different point of view.
Mara Scampoli:
Born in Puglia, she lives in Padua where she works as psychologist and psychotherapist, mainly dealing with clinical and community psychology. She began to study photography as a mean of personal expression and in order to develop a new research tool in the human relations field. Her works range from street photography to travel photography, with focus on social interaction and its representation; lately she approached documentary works and long-term projects of social inquiry, particularly documenting the migrant's crisis in Europe. Her works have been published in several online magazines and have taken part to various exhibitions around Italy.

Mattia Alunni Cardinali:
Born in Perugia, he lives in London since 2014, where he graduated in Popular Music Performance at the University of East London. In the UK he started working with photography as studio assistant and then as photographer himself, especially in the fashion industry. His interests range from social and anthropological issues, to travel and architectural photography. Since 2015, he has been also working as reportage photographer, following the European Migration Crisis, which led him to work in Calais (FR), Idomeni (GR) and Athens (GR). He enjoys to shoot street photography in the free time.
migrants, europe, refugees, italy, greece, photojournalism