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Michael Durham
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Michael Durham

Michael Durham
Determined and tenacious investigator.
Michael Durham has been around the block as a UK journalist. In turn he was a local hack, news writer, specialist correspondent, barfly, investigator, diarist and pundit.

Sadly for his career prospects, corporate life never suited him. After working an invigorating schedule at world-class UK newspapers including the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Observer and Independent, he took a break from mainstream journalism some years ago into freelance work. He got involved in travel, charity PR and raising a family. He wrote a book about health, spent time as a press officer for the Environmental Investigation Agency, and later taught investigative journalism part-time at City University, London (but he hasn't darkened the door of any newsroom much recently).

The extraordinary saga of the Tvind Teachers Group is the one weird story that never left him. He first became aware of the group in the 1990s when he wrote a news story for the London Observer which sparked a Charity Commission investigation and led to the de-registration of Humana People-to-People UK. He later followed the international trial and extradition of Amdi Petersen in 2002-2006. He helped make a report for BBC TV, gave interviews and contributed to newspaper and magazine articles. To keep track of a complex and changing 'cult' investigation, he launched an investigative website ( and has maintained a dossier and database on the story since.

Revisiting the subject recently, after Amdi Petersen’s escape and the involvement of Interpol, he realised the story was even bigger then ever, and decided to bring it up to date. His aim is to see a world-class scandal largely overlooked by the mainstream media made accessible to the public, politicians and the media, not just in Scandinavia - where it's been front page news for years - but across the English-speaking world too.

A reborn state-of the art investigative website, social media and exclusives on could now ensure that the incredible Tvind Teachers Group story finally receives the attention it deserves.

** If you are a former member of Tvind TG or have some other reason to remain anonymous, it's easy to make a pledge or a comment anonymously - simply enter a username that is not your real name when you create an account
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