Crowdfunded Journalism
Nick Assinder
I have an almost unhealthy obsession with politics and can't kick the habit. Its fascination lies partly in the fact that, to misquote the late great John Peel, it is "always different, always the same."
I have been a journalist for 35 years, starting on local newspapers before moving to the Daily Mail and then the Daily Express in the 1980s and 90s. I joined BBC Online as political correspondent at its startup before leaving a decade later to help launch the innovative PoliticsHome website. I specialised in covering British politics and saw the rise and fall of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and, most recently Ed Miliband, up close and in all their bloody detail. As well as hard news writing, I later specialised in writing analysis, commentary and sketches and attempting to get under the skin and make sense of British politics. At no point in that three decades has British politics and parliamentary democracy seemed so fragile or, perhaps worse, so irrelevant to so many people.
Politics, Labour, Conservatives, Westminster, Government, Parliament