Crowdfunded Journalism
Paul McMullan
People like showbiz shite so with 6 kids to support I write 'ite.
After a year on locals, a year as a foreign correspondent, I switched to nationals, shifting on The Sun, Today, Daily Star, Sunday Mirror. Also worked for the Guardian, and as RAF embed during the second Gulf War wrote for The Times and all newspapers and websites including the BBC. You see it was just a job, that's all.

In 1994 I came back from France and started at News of the World. By 1999 I had been promoted from Chief Feature Writer to Dep Features Editor. I still don't have a TV and had no interest in any of the people I wrote about. You see it was just a job that's all. Quite fun sometimes.

I switched to Sunday Express in 2001 as Investigations Editor which was lovely but the money was poor compared to the screws so went freelance for the National Enquirer and The People and made about £100k a year hooray. Made enough money on Brad Pitt alone to buy a pub, thanks Brad.

I spent 5 weeks at Al Jaber in Kuwait; the patriots took out 22 incoming non WMD missile strikes and exposure to uranium tipped weapons may, not sure but may have given me cancer. I discovered politicians under 50 are dangerous. Fuck I hate Blair.
Curing cancer, Close the Family Court