Crowdfunded Journalism
Paul McMullan
Former Deputy Features Editor News of the World, Investigations Editor Sunday Express.
When Nick Davies of The Guardian rang me and asked if I would go on the record about phone hacking, I said: "If you put my pub on the front page of The Guardian you can write what you like." He did. A news paper editor at the time said: "There was a bomb waiting to go off under News of the World, McMullan lit the touch paper." I would like to go down in history as the man who accidentally closed the biggest English language news paper the world has ever seen.

During the Kosovo war me and photographer John the Greek crossed a mine field to find the only Serb tank the RAF had managed to hit.

The 'safe' depleted uranium, munitions and tank armour had been contaminated with plutonium in a multi-million dollar money making scam.

Thousands of soldiers fell ill, John died of cancer last year. I was diagnosed at the same time. You see investigations and undercover journalism do matter.

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