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Simon Copland
Freelance writer working on sex, politics and culture.
"I am Simon Copland, an Australian, Edinburgh-based freelance writer working on sex, politics and culture.

I first got engaged in gender and sexual politics when attending a queer support group as I came out as a teenager. Meeting my boyfriend and studying at University not long after I started to understand the connections between my sexual identity and our broader society.

I have been campaigning on these issues ever since. I began writing in 2009 when I became a political columnist and then political editor of the Canberra-based LGBTIQ magazine FUSE. From there I became a regular columnist for the Sydney-based LGBTIQ magazine The Sydney Star Observer and then at the Australian National Broadcaster SBS News. I have also written for The Guardian, The Advocate, The Overland Journal and more.

I write because I love it, and because I believe we need new and interesting ideas to solve many of the problems our society face. I do not write to be comfortable, but to be challenging, and that is what I will do in this book. Yet, at the same time I know that writing cannot be enough, and that is why I continue to campaign. New ideas need to be translated into reality.

In my spare time I love rugby union and am a David Bowie fanatic. I go to the gym a lot and love to travel, hang out with my boyfriends and just chill.
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