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Toby Venables
"My whole career has revolved around storytelling. Now I'm looking at the ways narratives are being used to exercise power – and to make us the unwitting bit-part players in someone else's story."
Toby Venables is a journalist, screenwriter and novelist who also lectures to undergraduates in Cambridge.

He has published four major historical novels (through Abaddon) – including the Hunter of Sherwood trilogy, which casts Guy of Gisburne as the hero and Robin Hood as the villain. His first screen credit is the socio-political horror movie His House, directed by Remi Weekes and starring Sope Dirisu, Wunmi Mosaku and Matt Smith, which he co-created and co-wrote.

During the build-up to the Brexit referendum and US election, he became more actively involved in politics, developing an interest in social media, cyber warfare and the ways in which narrative techniques are being exploited for political ends. Through 2018 he has been developing the screen story of #AltWar with James Patrick, based on James’s prescient factual exposé of Russian hybrid warfare tactics and the subversion of western democratic processes, Alternative War.
narrative, legends, cyber attacks, hybrid warfare, fake news