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Zarina Zabrisky
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Zarina Zabrisky

Novelist, short-story writer and investigative journalist
Zarina Zabrisky
A Russian-born American writer, I use my knowledge of the Russian mentality and history, a short story close attention to detail and the epic vision of a novel to investigate and report the Kremlin hybrid war strategy.
Zarina Zabrisky is an award-winning American author of five books published internationally, including a novel "We, Monsters" and three short story collections.

Zabrisky turned to journalism as the way of resistance on November 9, 2016. She debunks Russian propaganda, investigates Russia—Trump ties  and reports from the resistance events throughout the world. She contributed to Indivisible Movement, Crossing Genres, Digital Left and other publications and was featured as a suggested writer in Politics on Medium.

Zabrisky’s background provides a rare insight and solid platform for her research. While studying at the Leningrad State University, alma mater of Putin and Olgino trolls, she had to take a combat propaganda course. At 17, she declined a KGB spy-hooker job offer. In the “wild” 1990s, working as an interpreter, she witnessed bribing, blackmailing and recruiting of the Westerners by the Russian officials, KGB and mafia. Coming from the family that only partially survived Holocaust, Zabrisky knew the importance of reporting the neo-Nazi attack on Berkeley in 2017.
Politics, Russia, Trump, Propaganda, Collusion, Putin, Oligarchs, Corruption, Hybrid War, Psychological War, Cyberwar