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Piers Morgan: An Early Vignette

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Piers Morgan: An Early Vignette
A story about Piers Morgan's sixth form days in Lewes ...

ONE OF the intriguing aspects of Piers Morgan's career is his education..

He started out in the private system.

But a family crisis — the origin of which has never been revealed but which forms one of the areas of research for the proposed biography — meant that he had to leave.

He spent his sixth form years in the state system in Lewes, Sussex.

One of his former schoolmates saw this crowd-funding project and got in touch.

(Obviously, the story hasn't been checked out so it comes with the caveat that it hasn't been fully researched.)

The schoolmate says the school was dominated by the town's liberal class — and that Morgan came from the predominantly Conservative country areas.

Morgan did not make any impression on him until a debate about the British response to the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands.

Morgan was backing Margaret Thatcher's plans to go to war with Argentina.

His opponent was a young woman, a member of CND.

The schoolmate remembers Morgan being arrogant, aggressive and unashamedly pro-Thatcher.

He was also mysogynist — telling his opponent that she was a "stupid woman".

Interestingly, there was a lot of vocal support for Morgan from fellow Tories.

The schoolmate was surprised there were so many of them — and that Morgan had managed to persuade them to come out of the woodwork ...

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