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Legal action has started against former Tory MP turned Murdoch "journalist" Louise Mensch after she declined to withdraw a suggestion that Press Gang editor Paddy French is a hacker ...

ON JULY 4 US-based blogger Louise Mensch posted a tweet that implied I'm a hacker.

The tweet included the Press Gang twitter account and that of another blogger called Joe Public.

Joe Public is not involved in Press Gang.

Mensch asked: "Hey hackers what's up my man JP"

At first I took this as a joke.

But when she was asked what she meant, she insisted it was true.

I tweeted Mensch and asked her to confirm she wasn't saying I was a hacker.

When she didn't do so, I asked her for the name of her lawyers so I could commence proceedings against her.

She didn't reply to this tweet either. 

My lawyers have now written to her care of Rupert Murdoch's News UK group where she's a columnist on the Sun on Sunday.

The letter asked for a retraction of the suggestion that I'm a hacker.

It also seeks an apology, legal costs and £1,000 in damages.

Lawyers for Mensch have yet to reply. 


IT ALL started with London blogger Joe Public.

Early on the morning of July 4 he posted the following:

"Come on then Tories, you want Mirror phone hacking investigated. Now's your chance. Donate to @pguk10 ... "

This was a reference to the Byline campaign to crowd-fund the book "A Pretty Despicable Man".

Four minutes later he added this:

"Hi @LouiseMensch, come on, put your money where your big mouth is. Put your hands in your pocket instead of whinging. Donate to @pguk10"

A minute later — at 10.25 am —Mensch replied:

"@pguk10 @jpublik Hey hackers what's up my man JP"

Seven minutes after that went up, Byline contributor James Doleman tweeted Mensch:

" 'Hackers'? Care to clarify?"

She replied to him, including me and Joe Public, saying:

" ... ask JP James."

By now it was clear that Mensch was actually talking about Joe Public.

Doleman came back:

"Are you saying {Joe Public] is a hacker?"

She replied:

"No much worse than that. Ask him."

A little later she added:

"Jpublik is a hacker who hacked the security cameras of my home, James, to stalk me."

Joe Public denies the allegation.

Although she had now made it clear Joe Public was her main target, I was concerned.

I was worried that, by implication, she was also saying I was a hacker. 

At 10.44 I tweeted Mensch:

"Please tweet that you are not saying that @pguk10 editor Paddy French is a hacker. Otherwise litigation beckons ..."

I sent several reminders.

I then asked for the names of her lawyers.

She didn't reply. 

Last Friday my lawyers wrote to Mensch at New UK's London headquarters.

Mensch is a columnist with the Sun on Sunday.

Neither she nor her lawyers have replied. 


Oddly enough, there's another smear by Mensch which impacts on the proposed biography of Piers Morgan.

It concerns the dramatic interrogation of Rupert Murdoch by a house of commons select committee in 2011when she dramatically claimed Piers Morgan had admitted phone hacking. 

This was completely untrue  — and unnecessary.

Before the hearing, I'd sent her office a copy of an article which suggested a much more promising line of questioning that would have put Rupert Murdoch — and Piers Morgan — really on the spot. 

This tale of Murdoch, Morgan, Mensch and me will be posted later tonight ...


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