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Why didn't Hamas fighters line up like ducks?

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Norman G. FinkelsteinNew York, USA
Why didn't Hamas fighters line up like ducks?
Part Ten of 'Has Amnesty International Lost Its Way? A forensic analysis of Amnesty's reports on Operation Protective Edge'


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Kit Bonde

4 years ago

Why is it that everybody is talking about Hamas' rockets, but NOT ONE have shown the damages they have done?! - We have all clearly seen what Israel's bombings have done, and there is no doubt whatsoever that if Israel had been damaged like that we would have seen photos by the thousands!
And the Israeli children are pitied because 'she has had to see a traume counsellor and have slept in the bombshelter, which every Israeli home has, long after the ceasefire'
Really?! - Well, tell her she is lucky to have counsellor AND her family AND a bombshelter! - What about the children in Gaza who lost their parents, sisters, brothers, uncles..... lost their homes, the complete frame of their lives?!