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Eliminate the Impossible

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Barry KeevinsDeepcut
Eliminate the Impossible
Deepcut and the inquest into the death of Pte Cheryl James

Between 1995 and 2002, four young army recruits were discovered shot dead in the grounds of a British army training centre.

All four were written off as suicides during initial investigations.

Their families have never been satisfied with the explanations for their deaths.

In February 2016, a new inquest will start to hear evidence about the death of Pte Cheryl James.

My plan is to carry on the work I've been doing up to now on the deaths at Deepcut and cover the new inquest in depth.

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Risks and Challenges

The main challenge I face in taking on this project is financial. There will be a lot of time and travel involved in doing this story properly. I need to cover my costs at least.