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Sexy Capitalism

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Sexy Capitalism
Sexy Capitalism: Sexual and gender oppression is inherently connected to capitalist society.

Sexy Capitalism documents the role that capitalism has on sexual and gender oppression. This is an in depth look at one of our most powerful institutions — the family. The book looks at this history and how we developed the norms we have today. It will investigate how these norms have been designed to prop up our current society, arguing we can no longer disconnect debates about gender and sexuality from debates about economics.

The family, and the nuclear family in particular, is one of our most influentials institutions. Love and family dominate every facet of our society — from defining what it means to have a “good life” to shaping Government policy and the way businesses relate to their staff and customers. Yet the family also has a dark side, being one of the most oppressive institutions for women and queers in our history.

Charting the history of the family, Sexy Capitalism argues that gender and sexual oppression are a condition of class, and capitalist society.

The Author

I am an Australian freelance writer currently living in Edinburgh, specialising in sex, culture and politics. I work full time as a writer and am a current columnist for SBS News, as well as a previous columnist for the Sydney Star Observer and political editor of FUSE Magazine. My work has been published in the Guardian, Junkee and elsewhere. 

In early 2015 I publicly “came out” as polyamorous in The Guardian, telling the story of my relationships with my two boyfriends. In doing so I feared I would quickly be isolated from friends and family. But soon enough many others came to me to tell me their stories of their alternative relationships structures — whether they were in polyamorous unions, living with friends, or just happily single. Many are challenging the norms of the modern family.

In committing to write Sexy Capitalism, I will draw upon my own personal experiences as well as undertake research into these concepts to draw out an understanding of why the nuclear family, and the oppression that comes with it, remains so dominant.

Where does the money go:

Put simply, the money raised through this project will pay me for the time it takes to research and write the book. I currently work as a freelance journalist, which pays my rent and puts food on the table. But to undertake the much bigger task of completing an entire book will take me away from day-to-day journalistic writing and so I will need support. That’s where you come in. Every contribution – large or small – will go towards making this a stronger, better and more in-depth book.

Some of my work on these issues: 

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Check out the rest of my work at 

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Cyndi Dawes

4 years ago

I've probably paid for a tiny bit of heating and a couple of beers! Good luck.

Simon Copland

4 years ago

Thanks Cyndi -- the heating and beers are much appreciated!