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The 26 Candidates for City of the Future, Revealed

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Colin MarshallLos Angeles, CA
The 26 Candidates for City of the Future, Revealed
Here are all the Pacific Rim cities for which you, as a supporter of "Where Is the City of the Future?", can vote to become the subject of one of the project's in-depth, multimedia travel-cultural-urbanistic explorations

As you may know, for every $2000 we raise here on Byline, the "Where is the City of the Future?" project will grow to involve another potential city of the future. The first $2000 will result on a report on Los Angeles; the second $2000, a report on Seoul. But from that point on, I'll do all the project's subsequent in-depth, multimedia travel-cultural-urbanistic explorations on cities of the supporters' choosing.

First, I'll head out to any cities named by individual supporters who have pledged the top reward amount. (If you've got a particular city you'd really like to see involved, that might be the path for you.) After that, I'll put it to a vote each time. Today, I present to you the master list of Pacific Rim cities this project might cover, including all those for which you'll have the opportunity to cast your vote if you support "Where Is the City of the Future?" at the $40 level or higher:

Los Angeles, USA

San Francisco, USA

Seattle, USA

Honolulu, USA

Lima, Peru

Santiago, Chile

Vancouver, Canada

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Tokyo, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Seoul, South Korea

Busan, South Korea

Shanghai, China

Beijing, China

Taipei, Taiwan

Hong Kong


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Jakarta, Indonesia

Bangkok, Thailand

Manila, Philippines

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Perhaps this list includes a favorite city of yours. Perhaps it includes your hometown. Or perhaps it just includes a few Pacific Rim metropolises about which you've been curious. If we raise $10,000, we can cover five of them; if we raise $26,000, we can cover half of them; if we raise $52,000, we can cover all of them.

Support "Where Is the City of the Future?" in its remaining 42 days of fundraising, and you'll bring us all closer to learning just what each of these cities has to teach us in the 21st century — the urban century. 

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