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Scientology on trial in Belgium

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Jonny JacobsenBrussels
Scientology on trial in Belgium
Scientology organisations and individuals go on trial in Belgium on fraud-related charges.

From October 26 to November 27, a criminal court in Brussels will try 12 people and two Scientology organisations in Belgium on fraud-related charges. The case is a fusion of two investigations of the movement, elements of which date back to 1997. If Scientology is found guilty, it would be the first time the organisation has been convicted in Belgium.

As a journalist I have been researching and reporting on the movement for more than 20 years. I reported extensively on the French court battle that ended after more than four years in October 2013 when the country’s highest court confirmed the 2009 convictions of two Scientology organisations there for organised fraud. You can find a detailed breakdown of that coverage at my blog, Infinite Complacency

Click here for an audio summary of the caseAnd for more details, see my 2014 report over at Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker.

(Photo of Brussels court interior courtesy of Jean Housen, Creative Commons licence)

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Risks and Challenges

There's always a chance the case gets thrown out over a legal issue on Day 1, but as long as the trial goes ahead, I should be able to cover it.


Chuck Beatty

2 years ago

You're the best Jonny!

Back when there were a dearth of fresh whistleblowers, and Germany's Hamburg official Ursula Caberta invited me to a FECRIS conference, you asked I visit you, and I was honored to meet you!

thanks for your commitment to this Scientology story!

It's a tough long one, you, you like Tony Ortega, have put in decades now at it, and a LOT of ex member whistleblowers surely appreciate that "our" little Scientology story gets detailed in all it's intricacies.

The judge in this case is the noblest judge, continuing with the case despite the claimants being silenced by being settled with in various ways or quitting out of persuasion from people likely on Scientology's side who helped get them to pull out of the case.

Thank you for even being interested in this movement and doing journalism on the intricacies of it.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org 1975-2003
I donated, and will donate more, you earned ALL our thanks and donations!!


3 years ago

I would love to see more of these violently insane Scientology criminals sent to prison, and we need to have Federal agents kick in David's door and order the sociopath crime boss to the ground at gun point.

Hopefully Belgium will see these 13 violent criminals put in prison. Thanks for the effort to cover the trial.


3 years ago

Hi Jonny,

Glad you'll be covering this, looking forward to your insight.

David Wright

3 years ago

Thank you Jony for what you are doing. I blow kisses in your general direction!

Harmless Weirdo

3 years ago

I knew the Bunkerites would have you fully funded in no time at all! You only asked for $2000, but there are always unexpected expenses, so I'm more than happy to throw a bit extra in the pot. I'm looking forward to your coverage of the trial!


3 years ago

More donations will be coming in Jonny. We want your expenses covered and we want you to be able to have a "beverage" after court. :) Thank you for all your hard work.

Jonny Jacobsen

3 years ago

Folks, I am overwhelmed by your support. I really didn't expect to be up and running so quickly. Now I can concentrate on the nuts and bolts of preparing to cover the story.

I'll be posting a longer message over at the Supporters' Café section, a kind of VIP section for all my backers. But I'm well aware that it's largely thanks to Tony Ortega and the folk at the Underground Bunker that I hit my target so easily, so I'll be sure to keep in touch with you too.

Best regards, Jonny

Andrea Garner

3 years ago

Jonny, congratulations! People appreciate real journalism and are proud to contribute.

Texas Broad

3 years ago

Thank you Jonny. We are very much looking forward to your coverage!

Baby Bunker

3 years ago

Bunker supports you Jonny. We will be looking forward to your journalistic skills put to great use!

M. C. DiPietra

3 years ago

Thank you, Jonny, for your coverage of this important issue. It's always a pleasure to read your work.

Andrea Garner

3 years ago

Always happy to support great investigative journalism. Good luck, Jonny!