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Tabloid Terrorism Exposed

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Tabloid Terrorism Exposed
Revelations about 'The Dark Arts' of hacking and blagging at the British tabloid press

Between 1999 and 2005, I was the Investigations Editor at the Sunday Mirror. For two years before that, I was a features reporter for News of the World.

I know the tricks of the trade as well as anyone can.

Since 2005, I have written a lot of books, produced documentaries and broke lots of exclusive stories, mainly about organised crime in the UK.

I wrote this 'cult classic' about organised crime in Fleet Street: Hack - Phone Taps, Honey Traps and Celebs Papped- Life As Tabloid Journo in 2012.

Today it’s a standard on the reading list of many journalism courses across the UK.

Now, I'm going to delve deeper and blow the lid on even more secrets that the rich and powerful who control your newspapers would prefer you not to know.

These are good stories and I’ve been running around gathering evidence to back up what I know.

Over the next few weeks, I can promise exclusive revelations that will go beyond the phone hacking scandal - and make your toes curl.

I've been working on these stories since February, and have already incurred significant costs.

This kind of work is not cheap, and I may also need legal advice - that's why I am asking for upwards of £20,000.

It is a lot of money - but I promise that you will not be disappointed by the outcome.

Think about it this way - £20k is the equivalent of what the papers pay for three front page kiss ‘n’ tells, or a few pictures of Wills ‘n’ Kate or a celebrity buy-up involving drugs and sex.

For the same price, I will give you at least TEN world exclusives from Fleet Street insiders who have never spoken out before.

If you are bored of reading shameless propaganda and stories about David Beckham, X-factor folk and skate boarding parrots - and you want the truth - then as Bob Geldof once said: ‘Give us the money NOW.’

The truth is important.

In April 2013, I came forward voluntarily without being under suspicion - the only whistleblower to do so - to tell the truth about the phone hacking on a newspaper.

I was prepared to take a conviction for phone hacking in exchange for the facts to come out.

I am not afraid of telling like it is, whatever the consequences.

I am releasing my first expose right now.

Remember, today is just the beginning.

Byline is making amazing things happen.

The bigger picture is this - investigative reporting is in danger of dying out these days - but Byline is a life-support machine.

If you like the kind of work I'm doing, I hope you'll become a regular reader and supporter here.

Let’s Do It To Them, Before They Do It To Us.

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Risks and Challenges

I'm taking on some of the most powerful people in British media. Watch my back