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EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Mulcaire's Phone Hacking Spreads to Other Papers

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EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Mulcaire's Phone Hacking Spreads to Other Papers
Glenn Mulcaire and Greg Miskiw sold hacked stories to Mirror Group - and 'everyone else.'

GLENN MULCAIRE secretly phone hacked for newspaper titles across Fleet Street.

A investigation can reveal that the private detective’s stories were published in papers other than the News of The World.

Mulcaire’s frontman was ex-News International executive Greg Miskiw.

Miskiw said: ‘After I left the News of the World, Glenn Mulcaire continued to do dark arts for me on a private basis.

'Glenn hacked phones and stood up the story.

‘He was on a retainer of £500-per-month.

‘I then sold the stories to onto news desks and journalists on several newspapers.’

In one story, printed in a Trinity Mirror tabloid, journalists persuaded the mother of murdered James Bulger to comment on information hacked from phones.

Denise Fergus did not know that the the story was illegally obtained - or that it breached a worldwide court order.

Until now, it was believed that the £120,000-a-year private detective worked exclusively for News International.

No evidence has ever emerged that Mulcaire’s hacked ‘product’ ended-up in other newspapers.

However, information from intercepted messages, emails and ID theft was sold out the backdoor to any paper that would buy it.

Miskiw and Mulcaire sold hacked stories on the open market for 13 months. 

Officially, police have found 78 offences - but that there are many more, according to the men who carried them out. can reveal that a story phone hacked by Glenn Mulcaire appeared in The People, the sister paper of the Daily Mirror.

Glenn Mulcaire said: ‘I have never spoken about the fact that my stories appeared in many national newspaper titles all over Fleet Street, not just the News of the World.

‘The People is just one of many newspapers that bought a story based on information intercepted from phone messages.’

Though Mulcaire was paid a £10,000-per-month retainer by the News of the World, he was permitted to sell on intelligence to other sources if the news desk didn't want the story.

In 2006, Mulcaire was still in touch with his old handler Greg Miskiw, who had got him the contract with the News of the World seven years earlier.

Miskiw, by then a freelancer, acted as the middle-man between Mulcaire and other newspapers, flogging them stories and fronting hacking for Mulcaire.

Miskiw had left the News of the World in July 2005 to work at Liverpool-based Mercury Press news agency and then as a freelance reporter in Manchester.

For over a year after he left the NOTW, Miskiw was still tasking Glenn Mulcaire to hack phones.

In addition, to his News International fees, Mulcaire was being paid a £500-per-month retainer by Miskiw.

For five years, Mulcaire had been hacking the phones of child murderer Jon Venables, who was living under a phoney name on a government-sponsored 'protected persons' scheme.

Using the stolen identity of a 'real' tax official, Mulciare also hacked Venables'  family, his legal representatives, probation officers and medical staff who looked after him.

In spring 2006, he picked up messages which proved that Venables was visiting his mother’s house from where she ran a child minding group.

Greg Miskiw said: ‘Mark Thomas, an extremely talented former News of the World reporter, was appointed the new editor (of the People.)

‘By this this time, I was working as a freelance based in Manchester.

‘Mulcaire, keen to supplement his News of The World income, called me with a story about Jon Venables, who with Robert Thompson brutally tortured and killed toddler Jamie Bulger.’

Mulcaire gave the tip to the Miskiw.

Miskiw put the story up to the Assistant News Editor on the People called Chris Bucktin.

Bucktin was a former News of the World reporter who had worked under Miskiw but there is no evidence to suggest that he knew the story was from phone hacked information.

Greg Miskiw added: ‘Mulcaire had been tracking the families of the killers after hacking their mobile phones.

‘He was able to follow them around the North of England as they were moved from safe house to safe house.

‘Once you have a mobile number for somebody it opens up a Pandora’s Box of information about them - address, date-of-birth, marital status, occupation.’

The story was published on April 30th under the headline: ‘TOTS’ PLAYTIME ..WITH BRUTAL BULGER KILLER.’

The strapline read: ‘James Mother Anguish over Scandal That Will Shock EVERY Parent in Britain Toddler Torturer Jon Venables Mixes with Kids at His Mum’s.

The hacked story is still listed on Trinity Mirror’s website:-

Chris Bucktin is now the US Editor of the Daily Mirror newspaper. 

There is no evidence to suggest that the People editor at the time Mark Thomas knew that the story was from hacked information.

Thomas was arrested by Operation Golding officers in spring 2013 on unrelated hacking allegations but no charges have been brought.

Miskiw says he was paid to £7500 by The People - he gave £5000 to Mulcaire.

Greg Miskiw said: ‘Mulcaire established Venables' mum was working as a registered child minder and that her son Jon, recently released from incarceration, was visiting her at work.

‘Millions of pounds in taxpayers’ money had been spent by The Home Office on giving the Venables and Thompson new identities and relocating them.

‘Yet Mulcaire was still able to glean information about them through hacking.’

Both Mulcaire and Miskiw have been jailed for their role in the hacking scandal.

They pleaded guilty to a range of conspiracy charges between 2002 and 2006, for hacking whilst Greg Miskiw was at the News of the World and after.

Today, Mulcaire runs a media security company called Enigma Seven and Miskiw is a freelancer specialising in Ukrainian issues.

A spokesperson for Trinity Mirror did not want to comment on this story. 

Timeline and Charges

30/06/05 - Greg Miskiw left NOTW

1/07/05 - The time period that covers Count 9 of the Operation Weeting investigation into phone hacking begins. Miskiw and Mulcaire pleaded guilty to hacking phones for NOTW after Miskiw has left the NOTW.

Count 9: Greg Miskiw, Ian Edmondson and James Weatherup (former NOTW Executives) between the 1st day of July 2005 and the 1st day of June 2006, conspired together, and with Glenn Mulcaire and persons unknown, to intercept communications in the course of their transmission, without lawful authority...

Count 9 starts the day AFTER Miskiw left NotW and ends one year later.

01/08/2005 - Miskiw joined Mercury Press Agency in Liverpool and stays for 5/6 months.

Jan 2006 - Miskiw left Mercury Press.

Miskiw task Mulcaire to phone hack proved by Count 13 of Operation Weeting charges for another six and a half months.

17/01/2006 - CHARGE 13 of Op Weeting begins, a completely separate charge that relates exclusively to Greg Miskiw and Mulcaire and not other NOTW execs.

Count 13 reads: Greg Miskiw, between the 17th day of January 2006 and 1st day of August 2006, conspired with Glenn Mulcaire and persons unknown, to intercept communications in the course of their transmission, without lawful authority.

This ‘separate charge’ for Miskiw-Mulcaire:

- start date is five-and-a-half months AFTER Miskiw left NotW and

- end date one-year-and-one month AFTER Miskiw left NotW

01/06/06 - Period that cover’s Count 9 stops


Greg Miskiw, Ian Edmondson and James Weatherup between the 1st day of July 2005 and the 1st day of June 2006, conspired together, and with Glenn Mulcaire and persons unknown, to intercept communications in the course of their transmission, without lawful authority...

Starting the day AFTER Miskiw left NotW and ending 11 months AFTER Miskiw left NotW.

29/06/06 - Miskiw and Mulcaire stop hacking according to Count 3 of OP Weeting end date: exactly ONE year AFTER Miskiw left NotW.

01/08/2006 - Period that covers Charge 13 ends, 13 months after Miskiw leaves NOTW 


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