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Exclusive: Amnesty International UK's Stitch-up Job?

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Exclusive: Amnesty International UK's Stitch-up Job?
Julie Bindel obtains a summary of an Amnesty International UK meeting held in 2013, revealing the intention to support the decriminalisation of prostitution prior to a sham consultation process. Judge for yourself

International Issue Sub-Committee (IISC)

Saturday 16 November2013 10.00am-4.00pm

Conference Room

Human Rights Action Centre

17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA

3. Consultation on policy relating to sex workers

3.1. Background

The Board Chair has asked IISC to conduct consultation on this policy with AIUK members. IS strongly advocating. Note: All to be aware that it is International focus policy, not a specifically UK issue

3.2. Initial Feedback:

• Clarification needed on who authored which document

• Should consult other sections doing policy consultation

• Should be aware of potential controversy (relations between IS and AIUK, religious groups who might have moral issues with this argument) NOTE: AI does not take position on morality

• Should be mindful of terminology especially when broadening out on international level

• Need a clear timeline

• How to ascertain distinct transaction? Issue of exchange for food and shelter is hard to track.

• Would decriminalization be sufficient to allow some of the arguments to become realized, or would it take legalization?

• Need to look into present state of law on this and the overlap between trafficking, slavery and forced labour

3.3. Response from IISC:

• Broadly supportive of decriminalization

• Decriminalization of both demand and supply side are part and parcel of achieving whole objective

• Suggest consultation with other similar sections.

• Karen to consult other sections. Lucy to ask Swedish section.

• Fiona to ask about autonomy issues

3.5. Consultation and resolution:

• Objective: consulting in order to be able to feed back to IS (deadline end of March to be discussed at Chair’s forum). This will lay ground for support of potential AGM resolution to go forward to 2014: giving board mandate to pave way for AIUK support. Deadline for Resolution: 10th Feb

• IISC members to take responsibility for getting in touch with key stakeholders (Youth Advisory Board, Student Groups

• Wider membership:

• Give info in advance, with clear documents with a few points to consider

• Something will go out in advance to groups in New Year (Will keep Paisley group informed.)

• Look at ways to engage with existing parts of the structure

• Flag up that it may be on agenda at AGM

• Get additional fringe meeting built into AGM to add debate. Pre-working party working party

- incorporate 10 Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work

- give people access to further reading

- give two sides to story, but clear question whether they support Amnesty developing a policy on decriminalization of sex work

• Main question: Do you support Amnesty International adopting a policy to support the decimalization of Sex Work?

• Group mailing to be done centrally. Staff time allocated to this

• Karen to work out doc and q and a. Fiona to help in editing. Agree draft Pre-Christmas approve it Ready to send out mid-January

• Karen to talk to Liz to identify external stakeholders for risk analysis

• Karen to do mapping and send round to allocate responsibility (Karen: Women’s action network, Fiona: Disability rights groups, Raj and Fiona: Women’s’ organizations). Staff to help where possible

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David Kinniburgh

4 years ago

"• Main question: Do you support Amnesty International adopting a policy to support the decimalization of Sex Work?"

Ahh, the joys of AutoCorrect :-)