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EXCLUSIVE: Bullingdon Club 1996- Tom Lawson, the arms dealer's son and the 'mayhem' that took 30 cops to shut down

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EXCLUSIVE: Bullingdon Club 1996- Tom Lawson, the arms dealer's son and the 'mayhem' that took 30 cops to shut down
The former Chancellor's son was part of a Bullingdon set that caused 'mayhem' at a party in Kingston Blount that required 30 police officers to clear up.

Yesterday, Byline revealed a new photo of Defence Minister Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Procurement. Today, we reveal the 'mayhem' involving Tom Lawson, son of Margaret Thatcher's Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson, and thirty police officers, as well as a photo of his time in the 'Buller'. Tom Lawson, the half brother of Nigella Lawson, attended Eton before Oxford, and is now the deputy headmaster of Christ's Hospital, an exclusive public school in West Sussex. 

A report in Hansard from October 2001 shows that Tony Clarke, then MP for Northampton South, told Parliament the following during a debate on football hooliganism. Reminding the Commons that it was not just the lower classes that were involved in drunken mayhem, Clarke said:

"If we wish to descend further down the class structure, we can read another recent report of the behaviour of drunken yobs. It states 'a bunch of drunken toffs causes mayhem in the Oxfordshire village of Kingston Bunt (sic) two weekends ago. The party was for Oxford University's Bullingdon Club, which involves its members, of 'Bullers' in a riotous drinking binge. One of them listed the alcohol they had knocked back; 'We started off with a Jeroboam' (about ten ordinary bottles worth) of Perrier Jouet and got through eight bottles of Bolly a head.'

The marquee 'was covered in broken crockery, splintered tables and the bodies of "Buller" men wearing tweed suits'. Among the gang was Lord Lawson's son, Tom, who had graduated from the university. Around 30 police eventually arrived to deal with the party, and they let the rich kids off with a caution."

Tom Lawson was involved in the 'mayhem' at Kingston Blount

Kalid Said's father gave Oxford £20 million in the year this photo was taken

The new photo also features Khaled Said, son of Wafic Said, the Syrian billionaire who helped Margaret Thatcher facilitate the al-Yamamah deal. During the year this photo was taken, Wafic gave the University £20 million pounds to set up the Said Business School. The al-Yamamah deal has made defence contractor BAE systems over £43 billion and involved the United Kingdom selling Tornado jets and other heavy arms to the Saudi dictatorship. In 2010, BAE Systems plead guilty to one count of fraud relating to the deal after an investigation by the US Department of Justice. Khalid is now Managing Partner and co-founder of Capital Generation Partners, and sits on the advisory board of Said Business School. The Business School's new Margaret Thatcher centre was opened by David Cameron and Prince Charles in 2014.

It is believed that the Bullingdon club holds an annual 'point to point' race at Kingston Blount.

Several other members in the photo are named below. It is unknown whether any of these figures other than Lawson attended the party described above.

Yuvraj of Jodhpur- The Crown Prince of Jodpur and the son of Gaj Singh, the former Maharaja. His wedding in 2010 was one of the most lavish weddings in Indian history, and the Telegraph reported that it was attended by Dame Judie Dench, Mick Jagger and the Duchess of York. He is one of the only members not to have attended Oxford University, instead attending Oxford Brookes.

Prince Nicholas de Frankopan- Member of Croatian aristocratic family the Frankopans. He is the brother in law of Nicholas Windsor, who is the queens cousin and the son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Sam Mercer-Nairne- The US based fund manager is the nephew of the Marquess of Landsdowne and grandson of Conservative politician George Petty-Fitzmaurice.

For anyone who wants to take a closer look at the photo, or identify other names, it is provided below.

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