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Before Enigma: The Room 40 codebreakers of the First World War

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Before Enigma: The Room 40 codebreakers of the First World War
A gripping book on the history of British code-breaking featuring the Enigma code and Alan Turing.

How did the British codebreakers succeed in cracking the apparently unbreakable Enigma code during the Second World War?

Was it their gifted amateurism? The brilliance of Alan Turing? The invention of the very first computers? Or the pioneering work of Polish cryptographers?

It was all of the above. But there is one other crucial factor, which is much less well known.

The same team had done it before.

The truth is that many of those most closely involved in cracking the Enigma code – Alistair Denniston, Frank Birch, Dilly Knox – had wrestled with German naval codes for most of the First World War.

By the end of the war they had been successfully cracking a new code every day, from their secret Room 40 at the Old Admiralty Building, in a London blacked out for Zeppelin Raids.

The techniques they developed then, the ideas that they came to rely on, the people they came to trust, had been developed the hard way, under intense pressure and absolute secrecy during World War I.

Before Enigma tells their story and the man who was, in his way, as much a genius as Turing - Captain Reginald 'Blinker' Hall, who very quietly and qih great charm virtually invented modern espionage. 

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Risks and Challenges

There is nothing that would prevent the project from going ahead. The book is nearly at completion and once it has received funding, it will be published by Endeavour Press.


Jak King

4 years ago

Good luck with the fundraising. I am looking foreward to the book.

David Boyle

4 years ago

Thanks so much. Thanks for getting in touch!