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Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

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Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder
The most investigated unsolved murder in British history, with Alastair Morgan and Peter Jukes.
"If you haven't heard about this, ask yourself, why?"

UPDATE:  Episodes One and Two are recorded and available to subscribers

Since we now realise we need at least TEN episodes to tell Alastair's story, our production costs have just leaped 40%. So do keep on funding and supporting us. It takes many days to create just one podcast. 

The funding costs of this podcast are being split equally three ways: to Alastair Morgan, Peter Jukes, and the producers Flameflower Studios


The Podcast Serial

If you think the phone hacking scandal that closed News of the World was big, that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

The murder of Daniel Morgan is the most investigated murder in British history. It’s been described by an Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police as “one of the most disgraceful episodes in the entire history of the Metropolitan Police Service.” 

Once the project begins to get funded, around this Christmas, we aim to produce a half hour podcast every week or so, covering the six major phases of the story


A brief background about Daniel and his family, and then the murder in March 1987 - Alastair's immediate suspicions, his misplaced trust in the police,


Stunning revelations of police complicity in Daniel's murder are followed by a Crimewatch program and later a police reconstruction. But little did Alastair know at the time, but Daniel was allegedly in contact with News of the World. 


Stunning revelations of a murder plot exposed at the Inquest. Meanwhile an inquest into another violent death among South East London police circles may have a connection... 


The rise of Southern Investigations as the one-stop shop for the dark arts for News of the World and the rest of Fleet Street is paralleled by Alastair's retraining as a journalist as he campaigns to get more media attention for the conspiracy and cover-up of the murder. The Stephen Lawrence murder reignites interest in the corruption of South London police. Alastair meets Kirsteen. 

Both the fourth  and fifth murder investigations are subverted as the senior investigating officers family are hacked and followed by News of the World, and senior executives try to discredit the murder investigators on behalf of the murder suspects.  But the suspects are arrested and trial looms.


In the longest pre-trial proceedings in English history there are two years of legal hearings before the suspected murderers of Daniel Morgan can actually be tried. But the case collapses in March 2011 because of endemic police corruption. The Morgan family are in despair. But along comes the related phone hacking scandal and campaigning Labour MP Tom Watson 


Key evidence about the Daniel Morgan murder is suppressed from the Leveson Inquiry when some of the former suspects are arrested for email hacking, and the former chief murder investigator for talking to the press. But then Home Secretary Theresa May announces a Hillsborough style panel inquiry into Daniel Morgan's death and cover-up 

This podcast will finally shine a torch into one of the darkest and most disturbing stories in modern British history;

We are told we have the best press in the world. We are told we have the most transparent government and the most incorruptible police force. One man’s long fight to seek justice for his brother’s murder have exposed these three beliefs as myths.

But it will also shine a light into the kind of personal strengths, loyalty and resilience of a family which never ever gave up hope of getting justice for their murdered brother.  

Produced by Flameflower Studios: original music by Chameli Meir

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Risks and Challenges

There may be some legal issues which need finessing. Oh. And if any of us suddenly disappear, do ask lots of questions


Bob Gaffey

3 years ago

I had this poem published in a book last year
Thatcher and Murdoch had a secret meeting and stitched up the Times and Sunday Times paper sales
After that they were full of her wonderful work and told of her jolly tales.
The charming Australian goes on to run the Sky and the Sun
both full of crap and hate, the latter full of women's buns for fun.
Under phenomenal pressure to get the big stories for their masters of the universe,
there is virtually no restriction on the lives they destroy and curse.
The journalists sell their souls for magnificent standards of living,
this is done by bribing officials and police who just keep on giving.
A south Walian boy, Daniel Morgan, in 1987 has all the evidence of bribery and corruption,
People are afraid with this knowledge he will cause an eruption.
He says with this he will expose the Met and the News of the World,
a deserted pub car park finds an axe in his head and from this world he is hurled.
Alistair for decades struggles against police to get justice for his brother,
the media and police don't want the truth and tell him not to bother.
Several court cases and investigations get absolutely nowhere fast,
Daniel's mother, in her 80s fighting for the truth, says, "how much longer can i last".
Knights in shining armour come onto the scene, Peter Jukes and Tom Watson get stuck-in,
they say we need to open this can of worms, this Pandora's box and see what's within.
Leveson has come and gone, so has the News of the World,
but there's another inquiry under Teresa May, what will be unfurled.
There's a law called corporate manslaughter where the owners can be held responsible,
what a shame there's no corporate murder law for owners to be held accountable.
Who knows, one day Murdoch may be up in court for the death of a south Walian boy,
Maybe then he will realize that a human life is not expendable, not merely a toy.

Peter Jukes

3 years ago

Thanks Bob. Stirring stuff. Will pass on to Alastair

Nigel Cheffers-Heard

4 years ago

And we hear today that there is apparently no need to investigate Murdoch as being a fit person to hold a broadcasting licence. We're going to need a big change to precipitate justice in that direction, he has too many friends in high places, not to mention Chipping Norton.

Nick Jackson

4 years ago

Good to see progress being made and best of luck with bringing wide attention to the scandal of this unsolved murder. Maybe justice can still be done.

Alastair's tenacity in this terrible event is admirable, can't begin to imagine how awful this is, and then to have justice frustrated by those you should be able to trust without question.

Peter of course, great chap to have on board.

Glad you've had so much support, fingers crossed for more.


4 years ago

Listened to the Moronwatch interview with Alastair and decided to help support this cause. The murder of Daniel and subsequent cover up is something that no one should have to bear, and it could clearly happen to any of us.

Phil Robson

4 years ago

It's taken social media to become the avenging angel of justice for Daniel. Couldn't have a better team taking on Establishment /media corruption. Good luck with this.

Peter Jukes

4 years ago

Thanks Phil. Amazing that no one else has covered this so far - only fragments. Two good reasons for that. One trial quickly followed by more charges meant contempt was the issue. But there's another issue of contempt: the contempt with which some sections of the press has held the Morgan family because the story of Daniel's murder embarrassed them. Shocking stuff

Antonio Menezes

4 years ago

Having followed Daniels story, I think that this is important because it is justice from the bottom up. The top down system has failed us. Good luck Alastair, I will continue following with interest


4 years ago

Looking forward to the podcasts gents, hope as many people as possible get to hear them. Good luck!


4 years ago

We'll be doing our best and we're very encouraged by the response to date!

Julian Petley

4 years ago

This is fantastically important. Thank you so much for putting your time and energy into this. One day there will be justice for Daniel, but only thanks to people like you and Alastair.

rob boney

4 years ago

How will we know if you disappear?

Good luck with the project. May it not only bring justice and closure for Alastair and his family but hopefully better policing in future. The tabloid press, I'm afraid, are beyond salvation


4 years ago

Thanks Rob! We'll be sticking around, I can assure you.

Peter Jukes

4 years ago

We won't disappear! Too many of us. Thanks for your support. It means a lot


4 years ago

Justice for Daniel will in time, become justice for all citizens of this country.


4 years ago

This is horrific, everything you and your family have went through, the corruption is staggering but I am sad to say doesn't surprise me. However I know you will get justice fr Daniel,more people are becoming aware of his story and the more of us that get his story out there the better, that's what I will be doing.

Peter Jukes

4 years ago

Thank you - I will pass on your remarks to Alastair. I'm sure he'll reply here soon.

Bob Gaffey

4 years ago

if there is a god all those involved in his murder will be in jail.