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UPDATE on Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast Serial

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Peter JukesSydenham
UPDATE on Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast Serial
The first episode is set for release to sponsors before Christmas. We returned to the Murder Scene. And more episodes announced.

It was a tough day yesterday as I returned with the podcast production team to the grim South London car park in Sydenham to record an location session with Alastair Morgan, reconstructing the brutal murder of his brother almost 29 years ago. 

Grim place. Grim memories. But that's never stopped Alastair. 

The return was filmed by a BBC correspondent, Huw Thomas, and you can read an online version of his report here. His news insert can be seen here

Prior to this we had good news from Acast, a podcast distribution company, which has offered to make the podcast widely available on iTunes and other platforms when the series is completed. 

But don't worry: sponsors get the podcast well in advance, with special thanks for their pledges. 

We've already recorded the first episode covering the first days of the murder. Alastair had his suspicions who the prime suspect was within minutes of being told about his brother's death. But then he confides his fears with the wrong person...

It's a compelling listen and most of our supporters will get the podcast before Christmas for comment and feedback. 

However, given both suggestions from Acast, and the pace of the narrative so far, we've now all decided that the Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast Serial will now be EXTENDED TO TEN EPISODES

We think this the only way to do justice to such a long and complex story. 

While supporters will get their private copies hot off the press, the full series won't be available to the general public till March. 

But I can't deny it wasn't easy reconstructing what happened in that hidden away car park. It's the perfect murder scene for reasons which will be explained in the first podcast. 

Alastair has been back there many many times over the last three decades - appealing for witnesses, asking for a public inquiry - let's all hope, for his sake, this will be one of the last.  

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Russell Andrew

4 years ago

As a retired police detective I feel total disgust in the way this matter has been conducted for 30 years. I hope that your campaign to unravel the corruptionwill eventually be successful and all those responsible brought to justice..

Peter Jukes

4 years ago

Thanks Russell. The next podcast will be calling out for help from former officers, potential eye witnesses, or indeed anyone who can help uncover the truth about this three decade long scandal

rob boney

4 years ago

Just pondering! Jill Dando's murder hasn't been solved, according to the Mirror report this year, due to another "flawed" police investigation and a scapegoat was found in near neighbour to deflect attention for a long time afterwards.
Given that she was working with Jacqui Haymes on Crimewatch and would have had a close contacts with The Met, does Jacqui have any suspicions that this was another part of the cover up?

rob boney

4 years ago

Thanks Peter. Very interesting! So many questions still unanswered with "investigations closed"!

Peter Jukes

4 years ago

For more on this see Greg Callus on hacking of Jill Dando during Operation Oxborough