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Che Guevara and Beyond

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Che Guevara and Beyond
Three crucial investigations in Bolivia, including police files on the death of Che Guevara

I will meticulously cover three critical stories in Bolivia. First, I will investigate the police file on the death of Che Guevara. Numerous questions concerning his death remain strangely unanswered, but I have access to previously unseen files that may help shed new light.

Second, I will expose the plight of Bolivian people living in poverty in Spain, a situation typified by the fact that parties are thrown to collect money just to repatriate the bodies of their relatives who die. The bodies of many Bolivian people are stuck in Spain, due to their relatives lacking money. Third, I will expose the impact of narco-business on Bolivia.

My team and I have sustainable information sources in Bolivia, an incredible country laden with contrasts. We estimate that we will need to spend at least ten days there in order to obtain the basic information to complete these three reports.

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Risks and Challenges

The main risk will be if we cannot obtain the documents that our sources promised to us in relation to Che Guevara's death. In that case, we will try to build the story based on the personal testimony of sources.